News Daily: Facebook report, Huawei risks and veteran Labour MP's death

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Facebook needs more regulation, say MPs

MPs have criticised Facebook's founder Mark Zuckerberg for failing to show "leadership or personal responsibility" over the issue of fake news. The Digital, Culture, Media and Sport Committee's report also said there was a threat to the UK's democracy from the spreading of untrue stories.

It called for a "radical shift" in the balance of power between social media platforms and users, including a compulsory code of ethics. Firms must be forced to take down harmful content, including proven sources of disinformation, the committee added.

All this follows controversy over the political advertising firm Cambridge Analytica having access to the data of millions of Facebook users, some of which was allegedly used to create psychological profiles of US voters.

Facebook welcomed the report and said it would be open to "meaningful regulation". So what is fake news? Watch this video to find out.

Huawei risks 'can be managed'

The Chinese government has been accused of using the technology giant Huawei to spy on rival countries. But the UK's National Cyber Security Centre has reportedly ruled that the risk of any role it plays in telecoms projects can be managed. Australia and the US have banned Huawei from providing equipment for developing fifth-generation mobile broadband networks. The company denies passing on any information to Beijing. So should people be worried?

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Labour MP Paul Flynn dies

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn has described Paul Flynn as an "independent thinker who was a credit" to the party. Mr Flynn, the 84-year-old MP for Newport West, has died after being ill for some time. First elected to Parliament in 1987, he campaigned on issues including benefits, animal welfare and devolution. Here is Mr Flynn's life story.

'I stayed with my abusive girlfriend out of fear she would kill me'

By Alex Skeel

I'll never forget the moment that my girlfriend, Jordan, first poured scalding water over me. She'd backed me into the corner of a room in the home we shared in Bedfordshire, holding a boiling kettle.

We'd been together for three years, and what had started with small things - her telling me not to wear the colour grey or that she didn't like my hairstyle - had turned into a nine-month campaign of physical abuse. I was very scared of her.

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What the papers say

The request by Shamima Begum - who left the UK as a schoolgirl four years ago to join the Islamic State group in Syria - to return dominates the front pages. "Show me some sympathy" is the Daily Telegraph's headline, as it quotes Ms Begum, who gave birth over the weekend. "Sympathy? You must be joking" is the Sun's take. Meanwhile, the Daily Express reports that a "game-changing" pill to treat arthritis could soon be available. And the i says universities are facing a "black hole" in their funding.

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