Paddington Station: Lighting failure caused delays

Paddington Station partly in darkness Image copyright Patrick Jackson/Twitter

One of London's main railway terminuses was plunged into darkness late on Tuesday when the station lights failed.

Paddington Station was illuminated by little more than shop lighting and digital display boards, as station staff used torches to guide passengers.

Network Rail said engineers were sent to identify the cause of the problem, which arose at about 22:00 GMT and triggered delays to some services.

A spokesman said the lights were restored at about 01:30 on Wednesday.

Passengers had been advised to check live information before travelling but most services were running on time ahead of Wednesday's rush hour.

Paddington connects South Wales and the West of England to London, serving stations including Reading, Oxford, Cardiff, Exeter St David's and Penzance.

BBC journalist Patrick Jackson arrived at a gloomier-than-normal station at about 23:15 GMT on Tuesday. He said lights above platforms one to four went out about five minutes later.

"It was pretty dark by the platforms," he said. "It was a bit weird but there was no panic.

"People just stood there waiting. They didn't want to bring trains into the station in the dark but we saw two crawling in and we boarded about 20 minutes later.

"The staff just turned on their torches and phones and were directing us towards the carriages."

Mr Jackson said his Cardiff-bound train left about 20 minutes late.

Shortly after midnight, a Network Rail spokesman told the BBC the problem was affecting services arriving at and departing from Paddington but that the station remained open for overnight travellers.

"We are telling passengers to check before they travel. We have got engineers on site to try to work out the cause and fix the problem," he added.

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