News Daily: Trump on Brexit deal and multiple emergency calls

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Brexit deal: Trump weighs in

Theresa May has two weeks to persuade the House of Commons to back her Brexit deal with the EU. So the latest comments by Donald Trump on the subject might not be regarded as particularly helpful. The US president said the agreement thrashed out in Brussels seemed "a great deal for the EU" and it might leave the UK unable to sign a trade agreement with his own country.

Mrs May took plenty of criticism from MPs following her statement on the deal on Monday. Mr Trump's intervention, writes BBC North America editor Jon Sopel, "can only be interpreted in one way - the president is siding with the prime minister's critics". Downing Street insists it's "very clear" the UK will be able to sign its own trade deals around the world after Brexit. BBC Reality Check looks at the challenges ahead.

And we have a guide to where we are with Brexit.

Five people called police 8,655 times

The public is urged not to dial 999 unless necessary, but not everyone abides by this. Last year, five people made 8,655 calls between them to the Metropolitan Police, costing £70,000 to answer. Her Majesty's Inspectorate of Constabulary and Fire and Rescue Service says emergency calls have become a "default" way of dealing with mental health issues, adding that the system is "broken". But the Home Office said it was investing in services.

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'V-sign' peer Baroness Trumpington dies

A former Conservative minister who became an internet sensation when she made a V-sign at a colleague in the House of Lords has died aged 96. Baroness Trumpington, who worked in naval intelligence during World War Two and became mayor of Cambridge, served under prime ministers Margaret Thatcher and John Major. She had a "bloody good innings", her son wrote on Twitter. Here is Baroness Trumpington's life story.

The godfather of fake news

By Anisa Subedar

Christopher Blair takes a sip of his coffee. Then he carefully focuses on one of the three screens in front of him. He takes another sip before his coffee goes cold, inhales long and hard, then logs into the back end of one of his many websites.

He begins by choosing a subject. Which "lucky" politician will be on the receiving end of his attention today? Bill Clinton? Hillary Clinton? One of the Obamas? Or maybe the subject of his story won't be a person, but a policy. Gun control? Police brutality? Feminism? Anything that will push buttons.

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What the papers say

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"Trump sticks the boot into May" is the Daily Mail's reaction to the US president's questioning of her deal with the EU. The Daily Telegraph describes his comments as a "blow" to the PM's attempts to get her Brexit agreement through Parliament. Talking of which, Metro focuses on the "relentless attacks" faced by Mrs May as she briefed MPs on Monday. Meanwhile, the Sun leads on the PM saying she wants a TV debate with Labour's Jeremy Corbyn on the issue to take place on 9 December - two days before the Commons vote. Elsewhere, the Times leads on a family court case which saw a council invite a jailed sex offender to play a role in the future of the child of a woman he raped.

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15:30 Home Secretary Sajid Javid appears before the Commons Home Affairs Select Committee, with questions expected on security co-operation with the EU after Brexit.

20:00 Manchester United host Young Boys in the Champions League, while Manchester City are away to Lyon.

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