News Daily: Brexit deal showdown and Prince Charles at 70

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Brexit deal: May to brief cabinet

Now for the hard bit? A draft Brexit agreement (thought to total about 500 pages) has been reached by the UK and the EU, but Theresa May has to secure backing for it from her senior colleagues. The cabinet meets at 14:00, following one-to-one discussions between the PM and ministers.

Ambassadors from the other 27 EU countries will discuss it too, with a possible emergency summit in the offing. But, back in the UK, senior Brexit and Remain supporters have expressed reservations about the draft agreement, which very few people have yet seen. We do know it addresses the contentious Irish border question.

If the agreement gets EU and cabinet backing, the government's still got a battle to get it through Parliament. BBC political editor Laura Kuenssberg wonders what's likely to happen next. It's a fast-moving situation, so here's a brief guide to where we are with Brexit at the moment.

Prince Charles at 70

It's the 70th birthday of the Prince of Wales and, in an interview with Country Life magazine, the future monarch has revealed a love of red squirrels (including allowing them to run around his home) and a "delicious" dish known as groussaka (grouse moussaka). Prince Charles and his wife, the Duchess of Cornwall, will attend a party in his honour hosted by the Queen and a tea party celebrating 70 inspirational people also marking their 70th birthdays this year. Clarence House has also released two new photographs of the prince and his family. We tell the story of Prince Charles in 70 pictures.

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Budget airline Flybe 'up for sale'

Less than a month after warning of £22m losses, budget airline Flybe is reported to have put itself up for sale. The Exeter-based company has 78 planes operating from airports including London City, Southampton and Norwich to destinations in the UK and Europe. It's valued at £25m or so, down from £215m in 2010.

California fires: Firefighters hold containment lines

The wildfires in California, which have killed at least 48 people, are still burning. Firefighters in the north of the state say they have contained 30% of the blaze there, but do not expect to have it fully under control until the end of the month. Dozens of people are still missing. Here are pictures of the destruction fire has caused in the town of Paradise.

Homeless at 16

By Lisa Harvey, BBC Three

"Being out there… it's not nice," says Josh, as he queues for a bed in a shelter in Blackpool. "You have to guard everything when you're sleeping. You hide your shoes in your sleeping bag, sleep on your bag, hide your phone down your pants. Druggies have tried countless times to nick my stuff. You have to tell them to get out of your face - if you don't, they'll just take it. They'll walk over you."

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What the papers say

Theresa May's task in persuading her cabinet colleagues to back her Brexit deal dominates the front pages. "Judgement day" is the Daily Mail's headline, while the Daily Telegraph calls it the "moment of truth". The Daily Express leads with the PM's claim that the draft agreement is the best possible for the UK, but the Financial Times says she faces the most dangerous period of her time in Downing Street. Elsewhere, the Sun shows the Prince of Wales and his family smiling in a photograph issued to mark his 70th birthday.

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09:30 The Office for National Statistics reveals the Consumer Price Index rate of inflation for October.

12:00 Theresa May faces MPs at Prime Minister's Questions.

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