News Daily: France flood rescues and House of Fraser calls in administrators

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France floods: Hundreds of campers rescued

Heavy floods have hit parts of southern France, forcing the authorities to rescue around 1,600 people, most of them campers. The worst-hit areas are Gard, Ardèche and Drôme. One 70-year-old German man is missing.

The floods follow unusually hot temperatures. Rachel Buchanan, from Oxford, was camping near the river Ardèche when flooding hit. "The level and speed of the river today was extraordinary," she said. "We woke up in about a foot of water." Here's footage of the flooding.

House of Fraser calls in administrators

Department store chain House of Fraser, which employs 17,500 people, is appointing administrators after a rescue deal collapsed. All 59 stores are set to open as usual on Friday, including 31 earmarked for closure as part of a restructuring agreement. The BBC's Robert Plummer looks at five things that went wrong with the 169-year-old retail business.

End migration targets after Brexit, says CBI

Business leaders have called for migration targets to be scrapped after Brexit. Currently, the government's aim is to get net migration - the difference between the number people entering and leaving the country - below 100,000 a year. But this has never been met.

The CBI says targets should go, replaced with a system that ensures people coming to the UK make a positive contribution to the economy. The Home Office said it had no plans to end targets.

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Strike cancels one in six Ryanair flights

Many Ryanair passengers are facing a miserable 24 hours. Pilots in five countries - Germany, Sweden, Ireland, Belgium and the Netherlands - have gone on strike, cancelling one in six of the airline's flights. It's the largest in a series of strikes over pay and condition. Ryanair says it's working to end the dispute.

A decade after a brutal murder, is hate crime rising?

By Ben Bryant, BBC Three

The call from the hospital came early in the morning. Debbie Causer screamed and grabbed her mum, Marie. "We literally jumped in a taxi," she says.

Michael Causer, Debbie's 18-year-old brother, lay unconscious in the intensive care unit of a Merseyside hospital. He had severe head injuries, including a fractured jaw and a blood clot in his brain that required emergency brain surgery.

"All the medical equipment made him look like he was in a cage. It just didn't look like Michael," Debbie recalls. "I walked out and burst into tears." Debbie, then 25, had no idea who had done this to her younger brother. Unknown to her, she was about to find out. The men responsible for Michael's injuries were also inside the hospital - and they were waiting for her.

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What the papers say

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There's much interest in the news that Boris Johnson could face an investigation into alleged breaches of the Conservative code of conduct over his comments on Muslim women wearing burkas. The Guardian says this has awakened fresh infighting within the party, while the i says PM Theresa May is going "in for the kill". The Daily Telegraph suggests the leadership is trying to "kneecap" Mr Johnson, the former foreign secretary. Elsewhere, the Times says some banks are failing to pass on the recent interest rate rise to savers. And the Daily Star, Sun and Metro all lead on the news that ITV's Saturday Night Takeaway will be off-air next year.

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