News Daily: US-N Korea talks, 'excuses' over female boards, and Meghan on Vogue list

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Key North Korea official meets Pompeo

The latest step towards a potential meeting between President Donald Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong-un took place on Wednesday, when Mr Kim's right-hand man met the US secretary of state in New York. Gen Kim Yong-chol had dinner with Mike Pompeo, and they are due to hold further talks on Thursday. It is all part of efforts to get the two leaders to sit down together in Singapore next month. Mr Pompeo told reporters after the dinner that it had been "great" and they had eaten "American beef". The US wants North Korea to give up its nuclear weapons, but Pyongyang has objected to Washington drawing comparisons with Libya - whose leader was killed by Western-backed fighters after surrendering his weapons of mass destruction. Who is Gen Kim Yong-chol? Read more about him here.

Top 10 worst excuses for not appointing women executives

Businesses have been accused of having "pitiful" excuses for not appointing women to their boards, according to a government-commissioned report. The Hampton-Alexander Review on gender balance in the boardroom documented a range of excuses firms gave for not having female directors, including "we have one woman already on the board, so we are done - it is someone else's turn". The government wants to ensure that at least a third of FTSE 350 company board members are women by 2020. Click here to see what the gender pay gap is at your company.

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Kim Kardashian intercedes with Trump

The US businesswoman and reality TV star Kim Kardashian West has met President Donald Trump at the White House to discuss a potential pardon for a 63-year-old great-grandmother who is serving life in prison. Alice Marie Johnson has been behind bars for more than two decades for a first-time drug offence. Mrs Kardashian West got involved after she saw a video posted on social media, and is paying for Johnson's legal team. She was sentenced to life in prison without parole in 1996 after being convicted of relaying messages between drug distributors and sellers.

Meghan and Davidson on influential women list

Vogue has published its inaugural list of Britain's 25 most influential and aspirational women. It includes the Duchess of Sussex, Meghan Markle, and the Scottish Conservative leader, Ruth Davidson. The magazine said the duchess is "helping to forge a new 21st Century identity for the monarchy". Ms Davidson is the only politician on the list, with Vogue saying she was included for her "relatable personality and progressive ideas".

What could Brexit mean for the UK's creative talent?

By Ian Youngs

From Adele to James Bond, from David Hockney to Harry Potter, the UK's creative talent is admired around the globe. And the creative industries are one of the UK's fastest growing sectors, growing at twice the rate of the overall economy. Those in the creative industries are far more anti-Brexit than the rest of the country - a poll by the Creative Industries Federation (CIF) found 96% of its members voted Remain in the 2016 referendum. Personal politics aside, there are practical reasons why people in the arts are worried that Brexit will be bad news - including their concerns about free movement of talent, funding and Britain's reputation around the world. But others are seeing silver linings.

Read more from Ian here

What the papers say

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The James Bond film You Only Live Twice provides inspiration for several front-page headlines about a Russian journalist who was believed to have been shot dead in Ukraine but was later shown on TV to be safe and well. The Ukrainian authorities staged Arkady Babchenko's death as a way of foiling an alleged Russian assassination plot. Elsewhere, the Daily Mirror leads with claims that British pilots were deliberately exposed to radiation in Cold War nuclear experiments, while the Times says France is blocking UK attempts to keep access to EU systems which help identify foreign criminals.

You can read our full review of Thursday's papers here.

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