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Teenage girl 'sobbed over Islamic State fighter's death'

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image captionSafaa Boular denies two counts of preparing acts of terrorism

A teenage girl who allegedly planned to marry an Islamic State fighter in Syria sobbed uncontrollably after hearing he had been killed, a court has heard.

The Old Bailey was played a secret recording of Safaa Boular breaking down in April 2017 when she was told that Naweed Hussain had died in a bombing.

The court also heard how her mother and older sister consoled her and encouraged her to celebrate the death.

Ms Boular, 18, denies two counts of preparing acts of terrorism.

She has been accused of planning to travel to Syria to join IS militants and later preparing to carry out a terrorist attack in London after Hussain's death.

Defence lawyers have told the jury Ms Boular was sexually groomed and manipulated by Hussain, a Briton from Coventry, who was twice her age.

The defendant's sister, Rizlaine Boular, has already admitted planning a knife attack, while her mother, Mina Dich, has admitted assisting her.

'A martyr'

Prosecutors told the jury that Ms Boular received the news of Hussain's death in a message from a British undercover officer who was posing as a fighter.

At this point, the bug in the family's flat in Vauxhall, south-west London, picked up the reaction of Ms Boular, as well as her 21-year-old sister and her mother.

"Oh my gosh, oh my gosh!" said Ms Boular, before beginning to scream and cry.

"Rejoice, he is a martyr," said an unidentifiable voice.

The court heard commotion and shouts before Ms Boular's mother began to frantically and repeatedly pray.

"Listen it's what you wanted," said Rizlaine Boular. "Many people envy you."

"To me he's everything," sobbed Ms Boular. "I can't take anymore."

As her daughter continued to cry, sometimes hysterically, Mina Dich declared that Hussain was now "in paradise".

"Rejoice, rejoice, rejoice," she said.

Rizlaine Boular added: "We are a step closer... Imagine if your appointment was first, you'd be happily waiting. He's waiting for you... We are so proud of you."

"I am going to die right now," said Ms Boular. "I am happy thanks to God - I love him so much."

Later that month all three women were arrested for terrorism offences.

The trial continues.

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