Royal baby photo brings back precious memories for families

A photo taken by the Duchess of Cambridge of baby Prince Louis being kissed by his older sister Charlotte has brought back fond memories to many families of their own children's first pictures together.

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Image caption Alexander, 5, looking delighted to meet his day-old sister Miya born in October
Image copyright Emma Louise
Image caption "Unconditional love from the very moment they set eyes on each other." Elle, 4, meeting baby Brooke, born on 12 April 2018
Image copyright Hannah Jones
Image caption "One of the most overwhelmingly emotional times of my life." Hannah Jones remembering her daughter Gemma meeting baby Oscar last year
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Image caption A "magical moment" for Charlie, 5, holding his baby brother Max last year who had been in the neonatal intensive care unit for 40 days
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Image caption Edward, 2, meeting Margot Louisa Mary after she was born on Valentine's Day this year. "To say he was besotted is an understatement," their mum said
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Image caption Amelia cuddling her sister Eliza on the baby's first morning at home
Image copyright Tony White
Image caption Penny, 3, getting cosy with her sister Lois in 2013. "Seeing Lois for the first time, she was adorable wrapped up," Penny told her mum five years on
Image copyright Helen Meynell
Image caption Lois cuddling her twin brother and sister in 2010
Image copyright Hayley Smith
Image caption Athena with her big brother Ptolemy in December last year

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