News Daily: Dale Winton dies, and May calls for plastics action

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TV host Dale Winton dies aged 62

Dale Winton, the former host of ITV's Supermarket Sweep and the BBC's lottery show In It To Win It, has died at the age of 62. His agent did not give details on the cause of death, but spoke of a feeling of "terrible loss".

Winton, who was also a radio DJ, died at his home on Wednesday. Friend and fellow TV host Davina McCall called him "lovely, warm, kind, sensitive, generous", while comedian David Walliams said he was "heartbroken".

Here is a compilation of some of Dale Winton's funniest TV moments.

May ponders plastic straws ban

The leaders of Commonwealth countries are meeting in London and UK Prime Minister Theresa May is using the occasion to call for tougher measures to prevent pollution from plastic waste. She's suggesting her government could ban plastic straws and cotton buds - it's estimated up to 8.5 billion plastic straws are used in the UK each year. So, why is plastic such a problem? And BBC diplomatic correspondent James Landale looks at the future of the Commonwealth.

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Trump: I might quit Kim talks

Donald Trump's been gearing up for talks with North Korean leader Kim Jong-un, but he's said he's ready to "walk out" if there's not enough progress. The US president added that maximum pressure must be maintained on Pyongyang to drop its nuclear weapons-testing programme. CIA director Mike Pompeo has met Mr Kim, and Mr Trump said the two had established a "good relationship".

'My teacher saved me from suicide'

By Judith Burns, education reporter

By 16 Hati Sparey-South had already tried to kill herself. And she would have tried again and maybe succeeded if it hadn't been for a teacher who noticed how unhappy she looked. Hati says she owes her teacher her life. And now, aged 26 and a trainee teacher herself, she is determined to help today's pupils. "I would have kept doing it. And I would have been in exactly the same position as three of my friends are now, which is dead at 20," she says.

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What the papers say

The face of Dale Winton appears on several front pages. "Telly legend Dale dead at 62" is the Daily Star's headline, as it looks back at the life of the presenter. The Sun says many tributes have been paid. Elsewhere, the i says the government is declaring "war on plastic", with the proposed bans on plastic straws and cotton buds. Meanwhile, the Guardian describes what it calls "chaos" surrounding the Windrush row. And Metro predicts the hottest 19 April ever.

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