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UK toys celebrated on Royal Mail stamps

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image captionAll the toys in the new set of stamps were made in the UK.

The UK's favourite toys from the past 100 years are being celebrated in a new set of stamps from the Royal Mail.

Characters in the set include the Sindy doll and Action Man, as well as brands like Spirograph, Stickle Bricks and Fuzzy Felt.

Meccano, the Merrythought bear, W Britain toy figures, Space Hopper and Hornby Dublo trains also feature.

The series of 10 stamps will be released on Tuesday at 7,000 post offices and to buy online.

Royal Mail spokesman Philip Parker said: "British toymakers enjoyed a reputation for quality and innovation.

"These nostalgic stamps celebrate 10 wonderful toys that have endured through the decades."

Here are pictures of the 10 stamps in the series:

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image captionStickle Bricks were invented by Denys Fisher in 1969
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image captionThe inventor of Fuzzy-Felt, Lois Allan, manufactured felt gaskets for sealing tank components during World War Two
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image captionMerrythought is the last remaining British teddy bear factory to still make its products in the UK
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image captionThe original Action Man figures came with a range of hair colours: Blonde, Auburn, Brown and Black
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image captionThe word "Meccano" is thought to have been derived from the phrase "make and know"
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image captionSpace Hoppers can be seen being used in the background of one scene in the original Star Trek series
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image captionWilliam Britain Jr invented the process of hollow casting in lead in 1893
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image captionThe first clockwork train from Hornby was produced in 1920
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image captionThe mathematician Bruno Abakanowicz invented the Spirograph for calculating an area delimited by curves
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image captionThe name "Sindy" was chosen after a street poll where young girls were shown a photo of the doll and asked to choose their favourite name

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