News Daily: Trump's warning and Grenfell money

By Justin Parkinson
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US diplomacy over North Korea 'gaining results'

US Defence Secretary James Mattis has said America still hopes to solve the North Korea crisis using diplomacy, adding that discussions are already gaining "results". Following several days of escalating rhetoric on both sides, he also declared that war between the two countries would be "catastrophic".

On Thursday, President Donald Trump warned North Korea that "even thinking" about attacking the US Pacific territory of Guam could bring dire consequences and that the East Asian country should be "very, very nervous".

Meanwhile, Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull has said his country is prepared to join a war against North Korea if the US is targeted. But North Korea has dismissed Mr Trump's comments as "nonsense".

Analysis: Trump's nuclear fixation

By Anthony Zurcher, North America reporter

Donald Trump has displayed a keen interest in the utility of atomic weapons for decades. It's part of a political worldview that has long since solidified into firm beliefs for the septuagenarian. His thoughts on trade have been influenced by the American industrial might of the post-World War Two era. His demographic views of the nation hark back to an ethnic homogeneity that has long since vanished. And his thoughts on atomic weaponry reflect a certain strain of Cold War arms-race enthusiasm and diplomatic brinkmanship.

Grenfell money 'not getting to survivors'

The Charity Commission says only £2.8m - less than 15% - of the £18.9m raised for survivors of the Grenfell Tower fire has reached them. It blames initial difficulties contacting those affected, while others have yet to come forward. Yvette Williams of the Justice 4 Grenfell group said the process of distributing the money had "definitely not been fast enough".

Abattoirs to get compulsory CCTV

The government is promising to improve the welfare of animals in slaughterhouses in England by making the installation of CCTV mandatory. Food Standards Agency vets will be able to ask to see footage of all areas where livestock are held, with businesses facing prosecution or losing staff licences if standards are poor. The Welsh government is considering making the same move.

How bad will your holiday delay be?

BBC News analysis has found that passengers using Gatwick have suffered the longest delays on summer getaways from major UK airports. But how likely are you going to have to hang around waiting for your flight over the holidays? Check out our airline-by-airline calculator.

What the papers say

There's much front-page coverage of the Food Standards Agency increasing its estimate - from 21,000 to 700,000 - of the number of contaminated eggs from the Netherlands that have entered the UK. The Daily Mail and Metro both manage to get the word "scramble" into their headlines. Meanwhile, the Daily Mirror reports that UK planes could be sent to spy on potential nuclear weapon sites in North Korea. And finally, the Sun leads on the story of Rocky the African grey parrot, who allegedly helped police catch a burglar by pecking him, leaving behind a bloody clue for them to follow. The paper dubs the unusually forensically aware bird "Hercule Parrot".

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