Jason Manford asks Facebook followers to find a job for his dad

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Jason ManfordImage source, Love Productions

Comedian Jason Manford has turned to social media to try to find his dad a job.

Posting on Facebook, the comic said his dad was out of work after losing his job at the local crown court.

He asked for help for his "proud legend" of a dad to "keep out of the house and his brain busy for a few quid a week".

His followers have suggested working in security and driving lorries.

'Absolutely crazy'

Jason Manford turned to Facebook after he said his dad "couldn't even get a job cleaning floors at Aldi".

He said he was "absolutely crazy watching people close to me trying to get jobs".

His fans were quick to reply - one suggested there were jobs at Manchester Airport, while others had more creative options.

One offered Mr Manford senior the chance to help out at his allotment (unpaid) while another suggested he could spend time at an indie bookshop she planned to open in Stockport, where there would be "great music, good books and decent coffee".

One follower replied saying she was a recruiter for a nearby landscaping company and might be able to help.


Many of the replies to the post highlighted the problems of older people finding work.

Age UK's spokesperson, Caroline Abrahams said employers shouldn't ignore the older workforce.

"Knowledge, talent and ambition don't disappear because people reach a certain age, so it is very disappointing that older workers face so many ageist barriers in the workplace.

"We are all living longer and working lives are extending - by 2020 State Pension age will be 66 for everyone, and many of us will either need or want to continue working.

'It doesn't make economic sense to ignore the wealth of skills and experience that they [older people] have built up over their careers."