News Daily: North Korea threat and Darling's debt warning

By Justin Parkinson
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North Korea 'considering strike on US territory of Guam'

The rhetoric over North Korea's missile development programme has become yet more heated, with the country's government saying it is "carefully examining" the possibility of carrying out strikes on the US Pacific territory of Guam. The threat against the tiny island, where US strategic bombers are based, comes after President Donald Trump warned that any aggression against his country would be "met with fire and fury like the world has never seen".

The words are stark, but what will they come to in reality? It's been reported that North Korea is approaching its aim of developing nuclear weapons able to hit the US more quickly than previously expected. And UN sanctions against the secretive east Asian state were announced at the weekend, with North Korea promising retaliation.

"During his presidential campaign Mr Trump criticised his predecessor Barack Obama for not enforcing a red line against Syria's use of chemical weapons," says BBC North America reporter Anthony Zurcher. "Now President Trump has drawn a fiery bright line of his own with North Korea - one that could commit the US to a perilous course of action if his words go unheeded."

Analysis: What can be done about North Korea?

By Jonathan Marcus, diplomatic correspondent

A working long-range nuclear capability for North Korea is not now a question of "if", but "when". And that "when" could be within the next few years. That this timescale coincides with President Donald Trump's tenure in the White House is an accident of history. But while it gives the North Korean nuclear crisis an added danger, it also, perversely, may offer a glimmer of a chance for progress.

Darling warns against debt 'complacency'

It's 10 years since the financial crash started, and former chancellor Lord Darling - the man who helped organise the bailouts of several major banks and the stimulus programme for the UK economy - has warned against "complacency" in the face of rising consumer debt. The lesson to be remembered is that "something that can start as apparently a small ripple in the water can become mountainous seas very quickly", the Labour politician told BBC Radio 4's Today programme.

Music legend Glen Campbell dies

He came from a childhood of rural poverty to become one of the world's biggest music stars, his songs including Rhinestone Cowboy, Wichita Lineman and Gentle on My Mind. Glen Campbell, an inspiration to performers such as Dolly Parton and Kenny Rogers, has died aged 81, after what his family called a "long and courageous battle" against Alzheimer's disease. "An incredible musician and an even better person," tweeted Brian Wilson of the Beach Boys.

Drivers 'avoid' pay-by-phone spots

It's meant to be a less fiddly way to pay for car parking, but a survey by the AA suggests seven out of 10 motorists avoid "pay-by-phone" spots, opting instead to look for spaces with meters that take cash. People are put off by administration fees and voice-controlled systems, it adds. But councils insist using a phone to pay is quick and convenient.

What the papers say

US President Donald Trump's threat of "fire and fury" against North Korea dominates several front pages. The Times reports on US intelligence chiefs' fears over North Korea's potential nuclear missile capacity. Meanwhile, the Daily Telegraph quotes an anonymous cabinet minister warning that stamp duty must be reformed because it is exacerbating the housing crisis by stopping older home owners from downsizing. And the Daily Mail leads with the story that migrants have made 30,000 attempts to reach Britain from Calais this year.

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