News Daily: US election meddling claims and Dubai fire

By Justin Parkinson
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Trump-Russia probe: Grand jury assembled

Could there be criminal charges over claims that Russia meddled in last year's US presidential election? The Reuters news agency reports that Robert Mueller, the special counsel investigating the allegations, has assembled a grand jury - a panel of ordinary citizens which decides if a case is strong enough to issue indictments for a criminal trial.

It's also reported that the jury has issued subpoenas - legal writs to obtain documents or compel witnesses to testify under oath - over a meeting last June between President Donald Trump's son, Donald Trump Junior, and a Russian lawyer.

Russia denies any involvement in the election and, in a rally on Thursday, the US president called any allegations that his campaign team had colluded with Moscow a "hoax" and a "total fabrication".

Huge fire hits Dubai tower

Dubai's Torch Tower has been damaged by a large fire for the second time in two years. It's not clear what caused the blaze in what is one of the world's tallest buildings, but social media footage shows flames spreading upwards and debris falling. No injuries have been reported.

US charges for NHS cyber-defender

The British cyber-security researcher who was widely praised for stalling the WannaCry cyber-attack that brought chaos to the NHS has been arrested and charged in the US over a separate cyber-crime case. Marcus Hutchins is accused of involvement with Kronos - a piece of malware used to steal banking logins from infected computers. Fellow cyber-security researchers have said they're surprised at the indictment.

London hosts world's greatest athletes

Let the games begin. London plays host later to athletics' World Championships, with some of the stars of the 2012 Olympics back in action tonight. Jamaica's Usain Bolt runs in the heats of the men's 100 metres, while Britain's Mo Farah will attempt to continue his golden streak by winning the final of the men's 10,000 metres, starting at 21:20 BST. There's live coverage on BBC TV, radio and, of course, online. The opening ceremony begins at 18:45.

Analysis: Justin Welby in Africa

By Martin Bashir, religious affairs correspondent

As he enters a mud-walled building, which cannot be more than 12 feet (3.7m) square and is home to a family of five, the Archbishop of Canterbury asks if it can withstand rain? "No," says the father, who points to the single matted carpet that is still damp from the previous day's rainfall. "This is dreadful," is the archbishop's quiet response.

What the papers say

The Daily Mail raises the unpleasant prospect of "mayhem" for British holidaymakers returning this weekend from European destinations, saying people have been advised to arrive at least three hours early for passport checks at airports as tougher EU border controls kick in. Meanwhile, the Times leads on a senior surgeon tasked with auditing the NHS stating that the service needs to cut waste. And the Daily Telegraph reports on a claim that former French President Nicolas Sarkozy is to be "embroiled" in the criminal investigation into Qatar's 2022 World Cup bid.

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Today US Attorney General Jeff Sessions is expected to give a press conference on leaks from the intelligence community.

11:00 The fourth Test match between England and South Africa gets under way at Old Trafford.

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