Brexit, the EU and UK lives: More questions than answers

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What do you want to know about the Brexit talks?

As EU citizens living in the UK and UK expats in other EU states continue to ponder their futures, Brexit negotiations have started in Brussels.

Over the past year, we have been inviting you to send in your questions about the whole process. We have already answered some questions...

... but others are still awaiting definitive answers, which may only become clear at the every end of the negotiations. So, for now, here are your questions awaiting answers:

Many of the questions below are examples which were asked multiple times and in many ways, while others are specific to those who asked.

  • Will Irish citizens be exempt from this five-year residency requirement, and continue to be afforded equal treatment with UK nationals?
  • What rights will EU citizens lose under the current proposal?
  • What will happen to the matter of combining pension contributions from different EU countries to build up your pensions, and will this remain?
  • Can UK-born children of EU nationals (living here more than 20 years) be able to register as British citizens rather than naturalising?
  • What kind of document will I be provided with to prove I have rights to stay in the UK as a citizen, travelling to Europe and back?
  • If one already has a document certifying permanent residency would he/she still need to apply for "UK settled status"?
  • Will the "settled status" be lost if you leave the UK for two years (like Permanent Residency)?
  • What happens to EU citizens who have not lived in the UK for five years?
  • I plan to retire to France within the next two years to join close friends and to buy a property. Will this be possible after Brexit?
  • I am due to marry my German fiancee this year when she moves to the UK. Will spouses still be required to have five years of residence?
  • I'm an EU national, three-and-a-half years in the UK. My wife is a resident married to an EU national. Is her status going to change?
  • I'm a Brit living in Europe with a brain tumour and a daughter born in 2001 in Finland: Will my daughter be allowed to stay in UK if we have to relocate?
  • How does this offer differ from the already existing application process for permanent residency which is based on five-year residence?
  • Would EU citizens still be able to move to the UK in the next two years until March 2019?
  • Why shouldn't British courts have full jurisdiction over EU citizens rights living in the UK? Wasn't that the whole point of Brexit?
  • How can a lifetime stay be guaranteed?

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