Prince Harry interview expected to 'raise eyebrows'

Peter Hunt
Diplomatic and royal correspondent
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Prince HarryImage source, PA

This is an interview that will generate some sympathy - a prince still struggling with the death of his mother - and raise some eyebrows.

Such a reaction will be prompted by Harry's suggestion that the Windsors aren't exactly falling over each other to fill what his mother once called "the top job", when it becomes vacant.

The Queen's heirs, he implies, will take on a position of enormous privilege because they have to, not because they want to.

And despite the prince's important caveat that the royals do what they do for the greater good and not for themselves, his words have generated the Daily Mail headline, "Harry: No Royal Wants Throne".

Prince Harry is on marginally safer ground talking about his mother's funeral even though his comments do contain an implied criticism of his immediate family. They could have decided in 1997 that he was too young to walk, so publicly, behind Diana's coffin.

There is one other striking aspect to this lengthy article. It contains no comments, by Harry, about his father.