The school that plays dance music at playtime

Image source, Caherline N.S Facebook

A school in Ireland which introduced dance music at playtimes says it's helping children interact with each other better.

Teachers at Caherline Elementary School in Caherconlish, Limerick, say they have noticed a difference in pupils' behaviour since installing outdoor speakers to play music during playtime on Fridays.

Headmaster Michael McCarthy says the music does far more than just getting the children out in the fresh air with each other.

"It really has broken down the barriers between the boys and girls and also with the different age groups," he added.

"It's just brilliant when you see the bigger children taking the little ones by the hand and dancing with them."

The sessions are for all the children in the school whose ages range from four to 13.

"It's half an hour where there are no barriers," said Mr McCarthy.

"At first, the boys stood back but they dance now even if they're playing football! And even the playground staff start to tap their feet."

Two separate videos of the playground disco have been viewed more than a million times on Facebook since being posted last week.

Image source, Caherline N.S/Facebook

One Facebook user posted: "Playtime parties, why was this not around when I was young."

Mr McCarthy says the idea came from the pupils themselves.

"We set up a school council and the children always raise lots of good ideas at meetings," he added.

"The girls in particular love dancing, they are always in the playground making up dance routines and singing. But boys and girls love music."

Outdoor disco

After some negotiation Mr McCarthy agreed to allow the music during playtime on Fridays.

"We had some school funds so we went and bought a speaker and set it up in the playground.

"Basically it's an outdoor disco."

By Rozina Sini, BBC's Social and UGC Team