BBC News Daily: 26 April 2017

By Justin Parkinson
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Hello. Here's your morning briefing:

  • Will Trump's Mexico wall happen?
  • Labour promises NHS pay rise
  • 'Critical work' on Madeleine McCann investigation
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It was one of Donald Trump's big campaign promises, but as he approaches 100 days in office, the building of a border wall with Mexico looks no closer to happening.

Mr Trump said Mexico itself would pay - it's said it won't. And Democrats have threatened to block the president's money bill later this week if $1.5bn (£1.2bn) for the wall isn't removed, which could lead to a government shutdown.

Mr Trump's indicated he could back down by Friday's deadline, but he insists the project will go ahead. "This has been a stark lesson in the difference between campaigning and governing," says BBC North America editor Jon Sopel.

Analysis: Can Democrats trounce Trump in 2018?

By Justin Webb, Today programme, BBC Radio 4

Could this presidency be hit by enough scandal by next year that those Republicans who stick with him go down? Well, it's hardly impossible is it?

Other top stories

  • Labour's promising a pay rise for NHS staff, as it continues to lay out policies at this early point in the general election campaign. The party also says that, under a Jeremy Corbyn government, trainee nurses and midwives wouldn't pay tuition fees. But the Conservatives say only they can provide the economic growth needed to fund the NHS properly.

What the papers say

Several newspapers headline on the news that police are looking at a "critical" lead in the Madeleine McCann case. The Mail calls this a "final throw of the dice to end a decade of heartbreak", while the Express reports that there are "vital new clues".

Meanwhile, the Telegraph says the UK will continue paying into the EU after Brexit to ensure a "transition" trade deal. And the i highlights a survey suggesting that a majority of the public wants Theresa May to take part in live TV debates ahead of the general election.

Daily digest

Puppy farm shootings - "Cases to answer" for some police and staff

A&E figures - Injuries from violence fall in England and Wales

Giant rabbit death - United Airlines investigating cargo hold incident

Saturn diving - Cassini probe makes first of 22 plunges through planet's rings and atmosphere

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Wednesday lookahead

Today The Prosperity UK conference, aimed at bringing together supporters and opponents of Brexit to discuss the practicalities of leaving the EU, happens in central London.

09:00 Tennis's Maria Sharapova makes a return after a 15-month doping ban, playing at the Porsche Grand Prix in Stuttgart.

12:00 The final Prime Minister's Questions before the general election takes place.

20:00 All US senators are being offered a classified briefing on North Korea at the White House.

On this day

1970 Future US First Lady Melania Trump is born in Novo Mesto, Slovenia.

1975 Labour members vote by almost two to one to leave the European Economic Community, ahead of a nationwide referendum.

1999 TV presenter and journalist Jill Dando is shot dead outside her London home.

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