BBC News Daily: Monday 24 April

By Justin Parkinson
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  • Macron and Le Pen in run-off for French presidency
  • Fines for extreme speeding increase
  • Tram drivers admit falling asleep on duty
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With most votes counted, Mr Macron has 23.9% and Ms Le Pen 21.4%. They managed to push France's centre-right and socialist parties into third and fourth place. Rivals have urged voters to get behind Mr Macron, now the firm favourite. So, who is he? Take a look at our profile.

Analysis: Macron moves France into uncharted waters

By Hugh Schofield, Paris correspondent

Somehow he read the zeitgeist. Emmanuel Macron found an untapped reservoir of support among the young, the disillusioned-but-optimistic, the anti-cynics.

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What the papers say

"New French revolution," proclaims the Daily Mail, following the news of Emmanuel Macron's success in the first round of the presidential election. The Times declares France's political elite "humiliated" by "outsiders". Meanwhile, the i says former Prime Minister Tony Blair is urging UK voters to forget party allegiances at the forthcoming election "for the sake of the best Brexit deal".

Daily digest

General election - No apologies for Labour's union ties, says Corbyn

Primary school bomb - Belfast device 'attempt to kill police officers'

1,338 days later - Patient waits almost four years to leave hospital

Saving fen ragwort - Roadsides a last haven for many wild plants, say experts

Strong, Happy and Clever? - The firm that recruits staff by Mr Men type

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Monday lookahead

15:00 Nasa's Peggy Whitson receives a phone call from US President Donald Trump and daughter Ivanka to congratulate her on breaking another record by spending more time - 534 days - in space than any other American.

19:15 The winner of the 2017 Wellcome Book Prize, for literature that deals with health topics, is announced.

On this day

1953 Prime Minister Winston Churchill is knighted.

1986 The Duchess of Windsor, whom Edward VIII abdicated the throne in 1936 to marry, dies aged 89.

1990 Nasa launches the space shuttle Discovery, carrying the Hubble space telescope into orbit.

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