Why was Jeremy Corbyn posing next to a toilet?

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Mr Corbyn was pictured in a toilet cubicle wearing goggles and a baseball cap

It seems - at first glance - a rather strange photograph.

Jeremy Corbyn, wearing goggles and a cap, leaning on the door of a train toilet.

But there is a logical explanation: the Labour leader was visiting a rail factory in Doncaster on Thursday.

Mr Corbyn used the visit to Wabtec Rail to pledge Labour action on the economy and jobs after Brexit.

But the photo - taken by a Press Association photographer - has prompted a stream of comments, with many suggesting it was ill-advised.

Image source, Twitter
Image source, Twitter
Image source, Twitter


By Chris Mason, BBC political correspondent

Let me take you along to what we call a political photo op.

Traditionally, at least for the last 20-odd years anyway, these have tended to be highly choreographed affairs.

Someone employed by the politician, who has a keen eye for how a picture will look and what headline writers might be tempted to attach to it, will survey the landscape in front of them.

Owl-like, the spin doctor will be looking for hostages to fortune.

Like a leader in trouble being snapped near an exit sign, for instance.

Enter Jeremy Corbyn.

A leader who has defined himself as very different from the generation of political leaders before him by eschewing the conventions of modern politics.

So, while many a politico would avoid being snapped examining a toilet cubicle - the potential headlines are as crude as they are obvious - Mr Corbyn would argue he was visiting a train factory, and so what? Don't be so superficial.

Mr Corbyn - whose team has declined to comment - was also photographed away from the toilet.

Image source, PA
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Mr Corbyn was also photographed taking his own pictures during the visit

And he's not the first politician to be photographed in unfortunate circumstances.

Image source, Barcroft Media
Image caption,
Boris Johnson laughed off his predicament after getting stuck on a zip wire at an Olympics event in 2012
Image source, Getty Images
Image caption,
Gordon Brown did not realise what was behind him when posing for this shot at a school in 2009
Image source, PA
Image caption,
William Hague and his team were derided for donning matching baseball caps at an amusement park
Image source, Photoshot
Image caption,
This awkward photo was taken as David Miliband arrived at the Labour Party conference in 2008

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