Southern Rail chaos: Commuters video impact of disruption

Rail passengers have faced more travel chaos as striking train drivers hold the first of six, day-long stoppages planned for this month.

The strikes will affect hundreds of thousands of people who use the Southern Rail network in England every day.

But many commuters say strikes are just part of the ongoing daily disruption to Southern's service that is having a huge impact on the way they live.

Businesses are suffering and some workers have had to stay at home, while others have tried to find alternative routes into work, they say.

Frustrated by the continuing disruption, three passengers and a cafe owner agreed to video blog their mornings.

50-mile cycle ride again

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Media captionJohn Holah cycled 50 miles from Earlswood, near Redhill, Surrey, to east London

John Holah, 36, is from Earlswood, Surrey. He works as a web developer in east London. John says it's not just on strike days that it's quicker to cycle the 50-mile (80km) round trip to work.

Cafe 'losing business'

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Media captionDebbie Davis says her cafe in Reigate, Surrey, has lost 25% of its business because of strikes

Debbie Davis, 54, runs Beryl and Pegs Coffee, Tea and Sandwich Bar opposite Reigate station. Debbie says her cafe has been empty all morning.

Bus from Gatwick

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Media captionAlison Braganza had a very long coach journey to get to work

Alison Braganza, 39, normally travels from Ifield, West Sussex, to central London. She's just started a new job and has been repeatedly late during her probation period.

Flying to meeting

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Media captionMark had to travel from Brighton to Glasgow, so had a plane to catch

Mark, 52, is an asset management consultant and had a meeting in Scotland. He couldn't catch a train into London so his company had to change its policy to allow him to fly to Glasgow.

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