Up and away? Your Tube strike solutions

Image copyright Claudine O'Sullivan
Image caption Artist Claudine O'Sullivan offers an alternative to the Tube

Commuters and travellers in London have been hit by a Tube strike.

More than four million people could be affected, but some have taken to social media to see the lighter side.

An online funeral company gave a philosophical slant:

Image copyright Perfect Funerals/Twitter

From The Daily Grindstone, there was just a hint of sarcasm about alternative routes, such as the bus, which no-one else would have thought of:

Image copyright Daily Grindstone/Twitter

Earlier, Clapham Junction rail station was evacuated, but commuters were appeased by a little light music, as tweeted by Alicia Harries:

Image copyright Alicia Harries

It's not just commuters who were struggling. Rupert had his tongue in his cheek when he wondered how the tourists would manage with the three-minute walk between two London destinations.

Image copyright Rupert Monkhouse/Twitter

The motto "Be prepared" might be well known in the Girl Guides, but these skills could also prove useful for some commuters, as Alex tweets his survival kit:

Image copyright Alex Harrison/Twitter

True to form, humour website The Poke, posted a London Underground notice board:

Image copyright The Poke/Twitter

Not everyone has been having such a terrible time of it, however. Twitter user Mark was glad people could enjoy the walk:

Image copyright @MBakerport/Twitter

And Sofia noted an increase in the capital's cyclists:

Image copyright @SofiaDelarona/Twitter

On a more serious note, some organisations, like the MS Society, have been using the strike as an opportunity to highlight the suffering of others:

Image copyright MS Society UK/Twitter

Compiled by Sherie Ryder, BBC UGC and Social News team