'Voluntary prisoner' Queen misses church again

Members of the Royal Family at church on Christmas Day Image copyright AP
Image caption Senior royals were at church on Christmas Day - but the Queen stayed at home

For a second time, during the holiday season, senior royals have attended church.

For a second time, the Queen has been a notable absentee.

Given her deep personal faith, it's a decision the Supreme Governor of the Church of England will not have taken lightly.

But at 90 - and on the advice of her doctor - she is exercising caution as she recovers from a heavy cold which she's had for at least 12 days, and which is bound to have left her feeling pretty miserable.

Officials insist the head of state is up and about; she has not been to hospital or had tests; and she continues to deal with the documents she receives in her government red box.

As well as missing church, the under-the-weather monarch has become a voluntary prisoner inside her own Sandringham home.

She hasn't yet had an opportunity to go outside and explore her 20,000 acre private Norfolk estate.

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