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Could a phone box save your life?

image copyrightKen Hutchison
image captionThree years after a heart attack, Ken Hutchison raised money to renovate an unused phone box into an installation for a defibrillator. Now, 50 people have been trained to use it in his village of Torthorwald, near Dumfries.
image copyrightAndy Sutton
image captionFeeling peckish? Andy Sutton - who is writing a book about phone boxes - came across this mini salad kiosk in Holborn, London.
image copyrightMary Boardman
image captionMary Boardman is an avid reader, so was very pleased to see this phone box in the New Forest being used as a book exchange.
image copyrightSue Clarke
image captionSwapping red for green. This phone box seems to be used as a mini greenhouse, as spotted by Sue Clarke last summer in Islington, London.
image copyrightPaul Lovett
image captionThey may cost a pound to buy, but here's where Paul Lovett can spend a penny now. He converted this phone box into a toilet in his garden, next to his home office.
image copyrightJake Hollier
image captionJake Hollier said he had been desperate to have his own quirky coffee shop in Birmingham. When he saw the opportunity to use an old phone box, he "grabbed it with both hands". The start-up costs were small, and it was relatively easy enough to convert.
image copyrightAlex Emery
image captionA novel way to revitalise an old phone box in Felsted, Essex. Photo: Alex Emery