Terror money man's sister Soumaya Boufassil cleared

(L-R) Mohammed Ali Ahmed, Zakaria Boufassil and Soumaya Boufassil Image copyright Julia Quenzler/BBC
Image caption (L-R) Mohammed Ali Ahmed, Zakaria Boufassil and Soumaya Boufassil

The sister of a man convicted of handing money to Brussels bombing suspect Mohamed Abrini has walked free from court.

The prosecution offered no evidence against Soumaya Boufassil when she appeared at Kingston Crown Court.

She was charged with engaging in conduct in preparation for acts of terrorism.

On the same charge, her brother Zakaria Boufassil was convicted on Tuesday and Mohammed Ali Ahmed pleaded guilty.

Max Hill QC, prosecuting, said: "[There is] only one appropriate course having reviewed all the evidence, we do not propose to go to trial and offer no evidence against her."

It was alleged she researched and discussed life as a member of so-called Islamic State, and along with Ahmed researched and planned secure methods to travel undetected overseas and accrued cash funds to finance their travel.

Justice Jeremy Baker said: "As far as Soumaya Boufassil is concerned on the prosecution offering no evidence against her, I order that on the singular indictment that she faces that a verdict of not guilty be entered.

"As far as you are concerned Soumaya Boufassil, you are now released from custody."

A jury at the same court found Zakaria Boufassil, 26, guilty of supplying £3,000 to Abrini, known as "the man in the hat", in Small Heath Park in Birmingham on 11 July last year.

Abrini, 31, was arrested in Belgium on 8 April accused of "participating in terrorist acts".

Boufassil and Ahmed will be sentenced on 12 December.

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