Will Prince Harry's appeal to media fall on deaf ears?

Meghan Markle, Prince Harry Image copyright AFP

This is a cri de coeur from a prince whose view of the media was formed after his mother died in a car crash as paparazzi photographers were pursuing her.

Prince Harry has long argued that the line between his public and his personal life has become almost non-existent.

The fifth in line to the throne is now using the media he at times despises to focus on what he says is the plight of his current girlfriend.

It's a path followed in the past by his brother when Kate Middleton (as she was then) was the subject of intense interest.

But Prince William's appeals were never quite so passionate or quite so detailed.

And in going public, Prince Harry has confirmed his relationship of a few months with Meghan Markle.

There'll be those in Buckingham Palace who'll appreciate his pain, but who'll question the wisdom of issuing this statement.

Prince Harry is appealing to the better judgement of newspaper editors and their readers.

Will they listen?

Will we listen?