Gary Lineker's underwear pledge: Tips from men who work in pants

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Gary Lineker says he has no regrets about sending that now infamous tweet, vowing to present Match of the Day in his underwear if Leicester City won the Premier League.

Against the odds, the team won, which means the player-turned-pundit is expected to keep his promise and strip down to his pants for the show on Saturday.

"It's been quite fun," Gary told the BBC in May.

"I did the tweet knowing categorically that there was zero chance of Leicester continuing on the line they were going to win the league. I was spectacularly wrong, but I'm so glad I was."

To help the former England striker prepare, the BBC News website has spoken to men who work in their pants to get tips for the presenter.

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Image caption A reminder of Gary Lineker's promise, made back in December

The model

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"When I first started, I was auditioning in front of five people, standing in my underwear and I got rejected in the beginning," says Oliver Cheshire, a model who has fronted campaigns for Marks and Spencer, Superdry and Calvin Klein, to name just a few.

"Obviously it is a little bit embarrassing the first few times, but you get used to it very, very quickly in the fashion industry.

"When you are walking down the runway at London Fashion Week, you have got to change clothes so quickly, you don't care really - I'm used to it."

The model, from Select Model Management, says times have changed with the advent of social media.

"I think people are more body conscious now," he says. "I see more men in the gym now than ever.

"I think Gary is a good-looking man and I think he is in shape so I think it is going to be more of a laugh. I have heard he is doing a bit of training for it."

So does he think it will be a nerve-wracking moment for Gary?

"It's all about is the location he is in - I'm sure the other guys will be in nice suits. That is going to be the funny bit and embarrassing.

"For me, on a set, I have someone looking out for me, really - you have control over the images. Live on TV, or in front of the nation is a bit different.

"Of course he is going to be nervous, but good on him."

Oliver's top tips:

  • Obviously the body always looks better with a good tan - a fake tan may be a good idea
  • Get a good fitting pair of pants or boxers -you don't want an old pair
  • Just be confident and own them pants!

"Good luck and I cannot wait to see him!" he adds.

The diver

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"It is weird because, as divers, we are on show - I have been on TV to even more people viewing it," says diver Matty Lee, the 2015 European Games 10m platform champion.

"I don't even think about it [what I am wearing] - I think it is because I have been diving for 11 years. I was only seven years old when I started diving, so it doesn't really bother me.

"Growing up in school you get the lads who like to take the mick.

"It is obviously very annoying, it was a bit hard, but now people see you are doing well out of it and making a living. It just takes a while, but not too long."

The 18-year-old, from Leeds, says he gets a lot of attention from men and women on social media - more so when he is just in his trunks.

"If I put a post on Instagram fully clothed, I wouldn't get many likes - but me in Speedos gets even more likes," he says.

"You do get a lot of people commenting on your body. I haven't had any issues with my appearance.

"You have got Tom Daley and Dan Goodfellow - they are ripped.

"It used to bother me because all of my team mates are ripped and that, but as I am older it doesn't."

He says it actually more strange when a diver is not wearing a pair of trunks or Speedos, but it may feel strange for Gary who'll look so different to his Match of the Day colleagues.

"With diving I guess everyone else is wearing the same thing, so it is a little bit different for Gary.

"Gary will feel naked."

Matty's top tips:

  • You have just got to be confident with it - if not, you are going to shy away
  • Have a laugh with it - you initiate the jokes

"I am sure he'll be fine!"

The ballet dancer

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"What we wear tends to vary from job to job," says Alexander Nuttall, a dancer with the New English Ballet Theatre and graduate of the Central School of Ballet.

"We have five new pieces choreographed this season - there are probably going to be a lot of skimpy outfits coming my way.

"I tend to be quite exposed on stage - it makes the artistry more obvious because you are not distracted by outfits.

"In reality, in the profession my body is my instrument, so it is not like I am being objectified. We are dressed in choreography.

"You get more into the zone and the role. I think it could apply differently to TV because Gary will be the only person in that scenario."

The dancer, who will perform with the company at London's Peacock Theatre in November, says Gary may find it strange at first, but it could be something he eventually becomes comfortable with.

"The first time you are put in that situation if can be off-putting," he says.

"We all have our personal insecurities, that is one of the hardest things to overcome and that is quite empowering if you do.

"I think it is the kind of thing that can be an issue to begin with, but it becomes normal.

"He probably won't notice it by the end of the programme."

Alexander's top tips:

  • I think he should try and exude a high level of confidence. I think people will give him more jip about it if it seems like he is self-conscious
  • I think he should do exactly what he would normally do - crack jokes

In the meantime, it appears Match of the Day's wardrobe department has been getting ready for Saturday's big kick-off.

Good luck Gary!

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