Sports Direct's Mike Ashley before MPs: In quotes

Mike Ashley

Sports Direct's Mike Ashley has been grilled by MPs about the working practices at his firm after a series of allegations.

Here are some of the most memorable quotes from the billionaire businessman and Newcastle United owner's appearance:

On the growth of Sports Direct:

On ending sexual harassment in the workplace:

"Simple as that fellas. Not just fellas, girls. Sorry."

He said he would change unfair practices but added:

When asked about his offer to fly MPs to the firm's headquarters in his helicopter:

"There are far too many of you. You wouldn't get very far."

As the list of allegations were put to him:

When asked about BHS:

Oh, I can't resist it. 100% I wanted to buy BHS.

After that revelation, he pleaded:

"Please don't ask me any more questions or else I'll get shot."

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