Friday 13th: Lucky for some

Is there too much superstition about Friday 13th?

Just the mention of Friday 13th can make some people become very nervous but it is a date that clearly interests many, as #Fridaythe13th has been among the top trending terms worldwide on Twitter.

There is even a tongue-twisting term for this fear - friggatriskaidekaphobia.

However, for some, positive events have happened on the infamous date.

Here is a selection of thoughts shared on social media.

According to Taffy Treesa, there are three reasons to be happy.

Image copyright Taffy Treesa

Good things also came in threes for Amina Kumalia.

Image copyright Amina Kumalia

It can be a mixed blessing if you were born on Friday 13th.

Image copyright Carla Parks

Manoj believes there's a more spiritual connection to this so-called unlucky date.

Image copyright Manoj

The number 13 has a special meaning in more ways than one.

Image copyright Madelief Oosterink

You can also be lucky financially.

Image copyright Ashleigh

For some communities, the day has a more artistic connection.

Image copyright Stephanie Quint

But sometimes when it comes to Friday 13th, there's only one course of action to take.

Image copyright Matt Egner

And finally...

Chris Jappy has more reason than most to appreciate Friday 13th.

Image copyright Chris Jappy

Compiled by Bernadette McCague

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