Vent your rent: How bad is your home?

No heating, high prices and furry room mates. These are some of the complaints made by people renting in London.

People have been sharing their stories about what they get for their money using the hashtag #VentYourRent.

It was started by the campaign group, Generation Rent, which champions the rights and needs of private renters - they wanted to highlight that rents have increased and tenants are suffering.

According to the latest official figures private rental prices paid by tenants in Great Britain rose by 2.6% in twelve months from February 2015.

This photo shows how one landlord left a house without heating for one whole winter.

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The actual cost of renting in London is a recurring theme in the conversations.

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There were some attempts to be helpful by posting some useful advice to renters in the capital. One person suggested the solution was simple, "Move out of London!"

While others suggested that rental issues were not a London-specific problem.

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According to Generation Rent, "three in 10 privately rented homes are considered "non-decent" and "one in six are physically unsafe"

But although rents appear high in London, some are supportive of landlords.

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And this tweet was the first to use the hashtag #ventyourtenant.

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According to research by the Association of Residential Lettings Agents, first time buyers in England will already have spent and average of £52,900 on rent.

Policy and Communications Manager for Generation Rent, Dan Wilson Craw says, "London is one of the major cities in the world. Private renters shouldn't have to deal with collapsed ceilings, vermin and environments that are health hazards".

He added that they would like to see the introduction of a licensing scheme that would help both landlords and tenants. "It will help good landlords to not get undercut by bad ones that cut corners on their properties."

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