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Spencer Tunick's mass nudes: Your experience of stripping for art

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Hull is set to be the latest location for a mass nude gathering organised by Spencer Tunick.

People inspired to strip for the New York-based photographer, as well as those who have removed their clothes for other human installations, bare all and share their experiences of getting naked in the name of art.

image copyrightLouella Ward
image captionArtist Spencer Tunick on Folkestone beach

'I feel very proud to have taken part' - Louella Ward

"I'd been aware of Strange Cargo (the gallery that hosted a Spencer Tunick event in 2014) and they were a massive influence on me.

"I was intrigued by the prospect of getting involved in the nude art installation and was lucky enough to pass the selection process.

"There were around 70 of us taking part - all ages and sizes - when we gathered to pose on Folkestone Beach. I stood next to a pregnant lady.

"The photo shoot took place in the summer so it wasn't too cold. We were made to feel very comfortable and the process took around five to 10 minutes.

"I feel very proud to have taken part in the event."

'A fascinating although chilly experience' - John Cossham

image copyrightJohn Cossham

"I participated in Tunick's 2010 homage to LS Lowry's Everyday People at various places in Manchester and it was a fascinating although chilly experience. Some of the people who met there are still in touch and have reunions.

"One person I'm good friends with from that freezing cold at 5am in May experience had never been naked in public before and was challenging herself to do something daring. It has been an enduring memory and something which has bonded us together.

"The art exhibition which resulted from this was displayed at The Lowry at Salford Quays and some of the photos were stunning.

"I did not do it because of a love of Lowry's pictures, not because I enjoy shivering naked and being ordered around, but because it was something new and unique and different.

"Now I have the chance to do something similar in Hull. I'll be applying to participate."

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image captionSpencer Tunick directs an artwork in New York

'It changes who you are' - Roland Ward

"I have taken part in a couple of Spencer Tunick's installations in the past and even been to a couple of his private party installations.

"The first one I went to was in Salford. I was a bit nervous at first, but once over that it was one of the best things I'd ever done.

"There is something very primal about being just you, without even a fig leaf to hide yourself from the person next to you.

"Once you realise you can do that, it changes who you are in such a positive way.

"It's also a great way to make friends. Many of us have stayed in touch over the years and meet up from time to time.

"I'd recommend everyone experience that feeling at least once in their lives."

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