Pensions plan axed, and snow 'all week'

The Times says Chancellor George Osborne has "abandoned" planned changes to pensions tax after "a revolt from Tory MPs risked derailing his leadership hopes". The paper adds that Mr Osborne had wanted to "tear up" pension tax relief, potentially saving £21bn a year.

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Image caption The same story leads the FT. It says the move takes away a "big political risk" away from Mr Osborne when the government "is anxious to avoid upsetting its campaign to remain in the EU". The financial sector and the press also opposed his "pensions ISA plan", the paper says.
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Image caption The Guardian says the Treasury "took the rare step" of ruling out the reforms. The changes included reduced tax relief on pensions for higher earners, or the "more radical" idea of the pensions ISA - which would have eliminated tax relief "for all those in works", the paper says.
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Image caption Facebook's changes to the way it pays UK tax leads the Independent. But the paper says it may pay "little or nothing" extra because it is "sitting on £21.4m in deferred tax relief it could use to offset future bills". Pictured are Rupert Murdoch and Jerry Hall, who married on Friday.
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Image caption The Sun also has a tax story on its front page. It leads with allegations that ex-footballer Jermaine Jenas is "involved in suspected tax avoidance". The paper's claim comes after Mr Jenas backed a higher tax rate when appeared on BBC One's Question Time on Thursday.
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Image caption The i says credit cards issued to some MPs have been blocked at the rate of one a month. The expenses watchdog Ipsa says it took action because "it had not seen evidence the expenses paid with the cards were genuine", the paper adds.
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Image caption The Daily Telegraph has interviewed Culture Secretary John Whittingdale, who wants the UK to leave the EU. He tells the paper the prime minister should reveal the "true number" of EU migrants in Britain, warning public services are "creaking at the seams".
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Image caption The Daily Mail reports comments by a Home Office minister that the UK is "powerless to boot out thousands of illegal migrants". Richard Harrington said they could not be deported "because they have no place to go", the paper says.
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Image caption The Daily Express also leads on migration, with a story that the number of asylum claims lodged across the European Union "have doubled in a year". The UK alone saw a near-20% rise in 2015, with more than 105 applications a day, the paper says.
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Image caption The 20th anniversary of the Dunblane primary school shooting leads the Daily Mirror, with an exclusive interview with the then-head teacher, Ron Taylor. He tells the paper he feels guilty about the shootings by Thomas Hamilton, in which 16 children and a teacher were killed.
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Image caption The late burst of winter hitting the UK leads the Daily Star. With snow affecting northern Britain on Friday, the paper says the "big freeze" will stay with us into next week.