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Where do asylum seekers live?


The majority of asylum seekers are in low-cost housing in urban areas such as Glasgow, Birmingham, Stoke, Cardiff and Middlesbrough. But many local authorities have very few or even no asylum seekers receiving support within their boundaries.

Asylum seekers can apply for support for the period during which their asylum application and any subsequent appeal is being considered - often known as Section 95 support.

They must satisfy a 'destitution' test, meaning that they do not have adequate accommodation or money to meet living expenses for themselves and any dependants within the next 14 days. Most are eligible.

image captionGlasgow has the most asylum seekers, followed by Birmingham, Liverpool and Cardiff. Manchester, Rochdale and Bolton also each house more than 1,000

These figures from the Home Office show the numbers of asylum seekers receiving Section 95 support in each local authority area, as of Q4 2015.

Note: Data includes dependants in receipt of support but excludes unaccompanied asylum-seeking children supported by local authorities

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