Jury discharged in Syria terror trial at Old Bailey

Statue of Lady Justice at the Old Bailey
Image caption The trial was taking place at the Old Bailey

A jury in the case of two men accused of trying to smuggle themselves out of the UK to fight in Syria has been discharged after a retrial was ordered.

Anas Abdalla and Mahamuud Diini, both from Birmingham, had been on trial for almost a month at the Old Bailey.

The men, both 26, deny preparation for acts of terrorism by seeking to leave the UK in a lorry in April last year.

Judge Christopher Moss QC said a matter had arisen that required him to restart proceedings.

"Circumstances have arisen and there is no blame to be attached to any party which means that this trial, with this jury, cannot continue," he said, discharging the jury.

"The reason is that further inquiries must be made before the trial can continue - and they will take longer than we can reasonably retain you.

"I must discharge you from returning verdicts in this case and order a retrial. This happens from time to time."

The date for the retrial of the men will be fixed later.

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