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Come in #PlanetNine

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image captionYou've been suggesting names for a possible ninth planet in the Solar System

US astronomers claim to have strong evidence that there is a ninth planet in our Solar System.

Scientists at the California Institute of Technology (Caltech), say there are no direct observations to confirm its presence yet.

But if proven to exist, the new planet would have 10 times the mass of Earth.

You've given the boffins a helping hand by suggesting possible names.

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A recently departed Starman gets a mention:

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Harrison Jeffrey keeps his options open: "Liking either Bowie or Ziggy - although just calling it Planet Nine has a nice sound about it too".

DJ_Brit continues the musical theme: "How about Planet Bri after @DrBrianMay?"

Ian M. goes for: "Mirage"

Some of you even doubt the existence of Planet Nine:

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Derrick says equal opportunities should be taken into consideration:

image copyrightTwitter/ Derrick Byford

While viking still has a hankering for an old favourite: "Pluto version .2".

For Mirabai Collamore, it has to be: "Galifrey"

Rosalinda plumps for: "zeus would be a great name for this planet".

Here are some more of your thoughts...

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Thanks for sharing your ideas.

Compiled by Bernadette McCague

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