Fairy tales: In five words and emojis

Portrait of the Brothers Grimm Image copyright PA
Image caption The Brothers Grimm correctly believed the stories they popularised went back further than earliest literary records, academics say

Fairy tales have been found to be thousands of years old, older than literary records.

Academics have studied links between stories from around the world and have found some to have prehistoric roots.

So some creative types amongst you have been getting in touch, to let us know your own fairy tales - in five words or emojis.

But unlike Rapunzel and her hair, you certainly didn't let us down:

Image copyright Twitter/Chad Newton
Image copyright Twitter/@pndraa

You huffed and puffed, and constructed some solid, classic stories via both Twitter and Facebook:

Image copyright Twitter. @ChadJNewton
Image copyright Facebook/Vanessa Cook

Chris Brunelle kept completely up to date with his effort on Facebook, : "A long time ago, in a galaxy far far away...." We wonder are there are Ewoks in that one?

Eddie Bloggs said: "Politicians always tell the truth". (Probably no Ewoks in that one.)

Does this one rule them all? We certainly hope this is a Tolkien tribute, rather than an unhappily ever after:

Image copyright Facebook/George H Peters

And some classics, like Cinderella, were certainly given a modern twist:

Image copyright Facebook/Becci Jones
Image copyright Twitter/@Sunny_TD

But we will leave you with these to ponder on before bedtime. Is this one Beauty and the Beast? Or Little Red Riding Hood?

Image copyright Twitter/@earn_dee
Image copyright Twitter/@amy_goldblatt

And don't have nightmares about this Grimm tale:

Image copyright Twitter/@Jesse_W_Ross

Compiled by Francesca Neagle

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