New Year resolutions: Will you stick to yours in 2016?

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Image caption Could better fitness be one of your resolutions for 2016?

Crowds across the world have welcomed the arrival of 2016.

New York saw a million people converge on Times Square to watch the famous ball descend.

While on Rio's famous Copacabana beach, spectators gathered to watch a spectacular firework display.

After enjoying fireworks and parties, attention often turns to New Year resolutions. Here are some of the resolutions you have made for 2016.

John Fox on Twitter has four things he wants to achieve in 2016...

Image copyright John Fox/ @x333xxx

Thomas White's resolution didn't last very long. He tweeted: "I resolved not to sleep for a full year, lasted 27 minutes."

Jane Hancock has a cynical take on New Year's resolutions:

Image copyright Jane Hancock / @tamarisk1831

Evgueni Krylov tells us his very common resolution: "Just to give up smoking. Hope I'll succeed this year."

Brandon Griffin has an alternative resolution:

Image copyright @brandonag12

Paul tweets: "Meeting more friends and successfully pass my first exams at university!" We wish him luck.

Terri Brown is looking to the future and tells us:

Image copyright Terri Brown/ @Terri3557

Is tolu tweets: "Want to have a better paid job, a house of my own and a side business that would be very lucrative."

While Half Blood Prince plans to be more spiritual:

Image copyright @iamRifard

Halfway Creations sets goals for the year ahead:

Image copyright @HalfwayCreation

While Karim's resolution is more realistic: "Eat less #chocolate But who am I kidding?"

Norma Murray hopes to get running:

Image copyright @MurrayNormski77

‏And finally Nouf_AlHarbi plans to spend more quality time with her little ones.

Happy New Year from everyone @BBC_HaveYourSay and good luck keeping those resolutions.

Compiled by Bernadette McCague

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