It's 2016! Your pictures of the New Year

Firework display in Sydney, Australia Image copyright liamclifford
Image caption "The fireworks display was beyond amazing", said Liam Clifford, who took this photo of a friend enjoying her first visit to Sydney.

Goodbye 2015 and hello 2016! Around the world, people are celebrating the arrival of a brand new year.

You have been sharing your pictures and videos of New Year's Eve from around the globe.

Image copyright ashtyntyn
Image caption A spectacular display of confetti reigned down on revellers in Times Square, New York, US as they awaited the countdown to 2016. Photo: ashtyntyn.
Image copyright @mmmch
Image caption New Year fireworks light up the sky in Cusco, Peru. Photo: @mmmch.
Image copyright Kim Wickham
Image caption "My husband and I were standing opposite the London Eye when I took this picture", says Kim Wickham who was watching the firework display in central London, England, UK.
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Media captionHappy New Year: Filming the fireworks

Jo Tutton filmed this clip in Edinburgh, Scotland at the start of 2016.

Image copyright Michael Stone
Image caption Michael Stone welcomed the New Year with a Usain Bolt style pose aimed at a brilliant Northern Lights display over Caithness, Scotland.
Image copyright James Anderson
Image caption James Anderson took this picture of a New Year's crowd gathering in Devon, Cornwall, England. "The atmosphere was great, everyone was in high spirits", he said.
Image copyright Steve White
Image caption Steve White shared this image of fireworks and celebrations in Bangkok, Thailand.
Image copyright @Zizou
Image caption Paper lanterns were released in Khao Yai National Park in Bangkok, Thailand to celebrate the New Year. "It's been one of the most unforgettable moments in my life" said @Zizou who took the picture.
Image copyright Nick Sproat
Image caption Nick Sproat took this picture just after midnight, in Dubai, UAE. The firework display at the Burj Khalifa went ahead following a fire in a nearby hotel. The blaze was later brought under control and there were no fatalities.
Image copyright Mark Jeynes
Image caption In Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, Mark Jeynes took this picture of a firework display casting a golden reflection on water below.
Image copyright Oscar Humphries
Image caption Barry Humphries' son captured the brightly coloured fireworks display above Sydney Opera House in Australia.
Image copyright chivasambassadoraus
Image caption Chivasambassadoraus, also in Australia, shared her picture of fireworks casting a rainbow of colours across the harbour in Sydney.
Image copyright Sara Hillard
Image caption Sarah Hillard managed to capture the fireworks display from Dawes Point Park, close to Sydney Harbour bridge in Australia. She said, "It was electric, everyone clapping and cheering. It was amazing to see."
Image copyright khunbikie
Image caption In Auckland, New Zealand reveller Khunbikie stood with hundreds of others waiting for the fireworks display in the city central area.
Image copyright Gunjan Save
Image caption "We were one of the first ones to welcome 2016, so yeah, we had fun" said Gunjan Save who took this picture of the Sky Tower in Auckland, New Zealand.

Compiled by Alison Daye

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