Christmas jumper day: Photos of your festive fleeces

Christmas jumpers have become as much part of festive fun as crackers and mulled wine.

Gone are the days when anyone seen in a chunky knit adorned with Christmas trees, elves and Santa is mocked. Now the motif covered sweaters are even worn with pride.

And with over 23,000 tweets #ChristmasJumperDay has also become a trend on Twitter... although we're not too sure these jumpers will be setting a fashion trend any time soon.

Matt Dobson is Santa's little helper... at least for the day.

Image copyright Katherine Mountford/ @Viking_BNI

Is Garry Atkinson in Stafford the only one who got the memo? Either way we appreciate the effort.

Image copyright Daniel Maddock

Christmas jumpers don't just look good, they make you love the people you work with, like this lot in Staffordshire, UK.

Image copyright @JWaddicor

Ellie Bowden in Kent proudly takes a snap of her modern version complete with computer game characters.

Image copyright @EllieRoseBowden

Not all elves are happy...

Image copyright @matty_selley

A football fan must have knitted this one.

Image copyright @Reena_Dave

Even dogs are at it...

Image copyright @ginger_jasper

We're not sure that lights and jumpers are the best combination...

Image copyright @Phill_Davis

And finally even the BBC's Stephen Sackur got involved.

Thank you for your pictures.

Compiled by Rozina Sini

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