Date set for verdicts on DJ Neil Fox

Vicky and Neil Fox (2 Dec 2015) Image copyright PA
Image caption Neil Fox denies eight counts of indecent assault and two counts of sexual assault

Magistrates will deliver their verdicts in the trial of radio DJ Neil Fox on 14 December - he is accused of sexually abusing young fans and colleagues.

Prosecutors claim the 54-year-old exploited the privilege that came with his fame to abuse women and girls.

He denies eight counts of indecent assault and two counts of sexual assault between 1988 and 2014.

Mr Fox came to prominence on Capital Radio and was a judge on the ITV show Pop Idol between 2001 and 2003.

He joined Magic 105.4 in 2005, where he presents the breakfast show, Foxy in the Morning. He is currently not hosting the show.

Concluding his closing submissions, Jonathan Caplan QC, for the defence, called on the bench to find Fox not guilty and said the claims against him had been "devastating".

"We all know that obviously a reputation can be lost in a moment," Mr Caplan said.

"And sexual abuse as an allegation is a particularly toxic one."

Evidence heard during the trial was "unreliable", Mr Caplan said.

'Obsessive fan'

Apart from the complainants, "no other fans of the thousands he has met or befriended" had come forward to support the allegations, he told magistrates.

He dismissed the youngest of his alleged victims as an "obsessive fan" who was "in love with Mr Fox" to the extent that she recorded the anniversary of the date they first met in her diary.

The woman says she was 14 when Mr Fox took her to an underground car park at Capital Radio in Euston, central London, and kissed her.

In a separate alleged incident in July 1988, it is claimed that he took the then 15-year-old on a tour of the building's record library and made her perform a sex act on him while he put his hand in her underwear.

Image copyright PA
Image caption Neil Fox, pictured here in 2004, was a DJ on Capital Radio and later Magic 105.4 until his arrest

But Mr Caplan said the "lack of detail" she was able to provide about this second allegation and the fact that she had not written about it in her diary showed she could not be believed.

The court also heard from a woman who was 14 when Mr Fox allegedly kissed her and slid his hand up her skirt at a motor show in Bromley, south east London, in July 1991.

The complainant - who told police she had never been kissed before - said she did not confront the radio DJ because he was older and famous.

She told police about the alleged incident after hearing of Mr Fox's arrest last year.

'Regular assaults'

The three adult complainants came into contact with Mr Fox through work at radio stations, spanning a period of 11 years.

Prosecutor John Price QC told the court this "demonstrated a long-standing propensity on behalf of Mr Fox to impose himself sexually on young adult women".

One of the women alleges that Mr Fox would regularly touch her bottom.

He assaulted her a number of times while she was working at Capital Radio in London's Leicester Square in 2003, she claims.

Another complainant alleges that, while working at Magic FM between 2007 and 2014, Fox pushed her on to a sofa while tickling her, and exposed her breasts.

A third woman claims that, while she was working at the radio station in 2014, the presenter approached her from behind and kissed her bare shoulders.

Mr Fox, from Fulham, south-west London, was first arrested in September last year, then again in December and March. He denies all charges.