RAF releases details of strikes against IS in Iraq

RAF Tornado GR4 returning to RAF Akrotiri in Cyprus Image copyright MOD
Image caption Tornado jets from RAF Akrotiri in Cypus destroyed targets in Sinjar in northern Iraq

The Royal Air Force has released details of a series of strikes against Islamic State militants in Iraq.

Two Tornado GR4 jets used bombs to destroy an armed vehicle and a stockpile of home-made explosives on Sunday, the Ministry of Defence said.

Reaper drones also carried out strikes targeting a "large group of terrorists" at a weapons cache, officials said.

It comes after the PM said he believed the UK should join France and other countries in bombing IS in Syria too.

In the latest update on the campaign in Iraq, the MoD said: "RAF aircraft flying as part of the coalition campaign against Isil [IS] have maintained intensive armed reconnaissance missions, striking a number of terrorist targets in the last few days."

The RAF's fleet of drones has also been involved in surveillance and reconnaissance missions over Syria, but it is not currently carrying out strikes there.

Speaking in Paris, David Cameron said there was international unity in the fight against violent jihadists in Europe and around the world, but the decision to extend strikes to Syria would be up to MPs.

"I firmly support the action that [French] President Hollande has taken to strike Isil in Syria and it is my firm conviction that Britain should do so too," he said. "Of course that will be a decision for Parliament to make."

He said he would set out his case to MPs this week ahead of a vote expected before Christmas.

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