The Queen and I: 63 memories for 63 years as monarch

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On 9 September 2015 Queen Elizabeth II becomes the longest-reigning monarch in British history, breaking the record held by her great-great-grandmother Queen Victoria.

As the Queen marks this milestone we asked you to share your "moments" with her from the past 63 years.

Here is a snapshot of 63 of your memories, one for each year of her reign.


image copyrightNadia Thompson
image captionMy daughter, Saskia, gave the queen an impromptu bouquet of flowers outside Allerton railway station in Liverpool. It was a lovely moment. The royal party were all pleasant and appeared to be genuinely surprised. Nadia Thompson, Liverpool, England

2. I met the Queen in 2000. I handed her a bunch of sweet peas that I picked from my garden. She said thank you and Prince Phillip gave me a wink! James Townson, Preston, England

3. I met the Queen in 1999 in Portsmouth for an Easter parade. I gave her the biggest egg and she asked me if there were any jewels inside. I just shook my head not really knowing what to say! Natasha Standley, Portsmouth, England


image copyrightPat Sargent
image captionI met the Queen as part of an honour guard at the 1976 Olympics, I had no camera so I tried to remember every detail. When I finished my duty that day, I returned to my quarters and on my bunk was a manila envelope with this photo. I never did find out who took the photo and gave it to me that day. Patricia Sargent, Carleton Place, Canada (far right)

5. I was four, I still remember having to practise curtsying before giving her some flowers. Jessica Mullett, Plymouth, England

6. I was two feet away from Her Majesty and I just pointed and shouted "Oh my [expletive] god, it's the Queen!" Mark Malik, London, England


image copyrightGetty Images
image captionLynne Sherman (in the dark coat and beret fourth from left) saw the Queen when she paid a visit to Brentwood School in Essex in 1975. She said: "I remember being fascinated by how beautiful she was and I loved her shoes!"

8. I was 10 when the Queen came to Paris in 1957. I remember she wore a blue dress with a hat that looked like a bathing cap. Alain Roger-Ravily, Paris, France

9. I met the Queen when I was at school at RAF Marham. My mum and dad had lunch with her. Apparently she eats slowly because when she finishes, they clear away everyone's plates! Barney Durrant, East Grinstead, England


image copyrightMrs Jones
image captionI remember being lifted over the barriers by one of the Queen's security guards so that I could meet her. I was so excited! The Queen shook my hand and said thank you for the flowers. Carolyn Burton, Anglesey, Wales (Green jumper and green ribbons)

11. I was three or four. I ran up and gave her some flowers. My mum told me off because I didn't curtsy, but I pointed out I was wearing dungarees so couldn't. Heather Emerton, Bournemouth, England

12. I was in Pennsylvania to see the Liberty Bell. A man in a suit with an ear phone walked up to me and requested I leave as the Queen was going to view the bell. I was shocked and preceded down to the corner of the road. At this point a limousine stopped where I was standing as the Queen was right next to me. Robert Eldridge, Florida, US

13. I had been told not to look at the Queen when she speaks to you, but I just couldn't help it because she spoke to me! Henry Tavoa, Port Villa, Vanuatu


image copyrightJeff Kemp
image captionI was 16 when I went to see the Queen for the Silver Jubilee, she did a walkabout in Hull Market Place. I always meant to send her a copy of this picture but never got round to it! Jeff Kemp, Hull, England

15. Jo-Ann Mandat from Ontario, Canada was dancing at a show in Toronto in the 1980s when she met the Queen. After the show she said Prince Philip offered to take her back to England in his suitcase!

16. I was invited to an afternoon tea at Margam Abbey with Her Majesty and some 400 guests. She came in looking rather tired, looked straight at me and broke into a wide grin. Megan, Cheshire, England


image copyrightElizabeth Maxwell
image captionI was chosen from the nursing staff to present flowers to the Queen. It was at St Columba's Hospice, Edinburgh. It was a huge thing for the staff (especially me pictured here) but mostly for the patients as all were dying. Heather Reynolds, Edinburgh, Scotland

18. I met Her Majesty during a private audience. It was an amazing experience to sit and chat with her in Buckingham Palace. She clearly had a genuine interest in and concern for my regiment - The Calgary Highlanders. Russ Meades, Victoria, Canada

19. We played "Isn't she lovely" by Stevie Wonder as she arrived at Burton Train Station in 1977. She stopped and told us our playing was lovely. Ed, originally from Barton under Needwood, England

20. We travelled out to the highway from our house on Lake Muskoka to see the Queen and Prince Philip during their 1959 tour of Canada. I remember them waving at us as they drove by. Elvina Campbell, Toronto, Canada


image copyrightElliott
image captionNot everyone manages to take a selfie with the Queen, but Elliott got to grab a quick snap while she was on a visit to Chatsworth in Derbyshire.

22. Anna Powell from Manchester, England says she was almost run over by the Queen as a five-year-old, while walking with her parents in Windsor Great Park in 1985.

23. Rosie Atkins met the Queen at the Chelsea Flower Show in 2000, when a borrowed mobile phone rang in her pocket. The Queen said: "You had better answer that, it might be someone important!"

24. I met her as a Girl Guide. She asked "How many badges have you got?" I was completely flustered and answered "Lots! I have lots more at home too!" It was the worst answer in history. Erin Jackson, Dumfries, Scotland


image copyrightCharles Pachter
image captionWhen I told her I'd painted her riding a moose, she smiled radiantly and exclaimed, "How amusing!" Charles Pachter, Toronto, Canada

26. On returning to the US after a trip to England, the passport officer asked if I had met the Queen. When I said yes, he was astonished. He told me he asked everyone who went through his line after a trip to the UK and I was the first to say yes. Carol Williamson, Pennsylvania, US

27. I met the Queen when I was teaching at Llanelli Boys Grammar School. I stood very close to her and was surprised that she was about my height, so not very tall! Pamela Evans, Swansea, Wales

28. We were told if Her Majesty stops to speak to you, reply "Mam" or "Your Majesty". As the Queen approached sure enough I hear: "How long have you been in the army?" Proudly I say: "Three years sir!" Kenny Owen via Facebook


image copyrightAP
image captionI escorted the Queen through the Archaearium Museum in Jamestown, Virginia, US. After my curtsy was photographed I received a letter from an individual in Louisiana upset that I, as an American, should curtsy to "the Brit Queen." Bly Straube, who has dual US British nationality, pictured here curtsying.

30. I met the Queen on a state visit to Brunei Darussalam. Upon leaving I heard her say to the sultan: "Well toodle-pip! If you are in London, do drop in." Richard Harbord, Norfolk, England

31. Jack Irwin from Dublin met the Queen when she visited Ireland in 2011. "She wished me the best of luck with my studies, while the Duke was his cheeky self getting laughs galore with his commentary."


image copyrightJames Allan
image captionI was completely unprepared to meet the Queen. The only coat I could find was a shabby emergency "pack-a-mac", with a chemical burn hole. I like to think it worked in my favour because she picked me, asking if I was a student! James Allan, Manchester, England

33. In the autumn of 2005 she visited the hospital where I was working and wanted to meet staff caring for patients after 7/7. She was softly spoken, very chatty and quite knowledgeable. Michaela Davies, Bromley, England

34. The smile she gave me was that of a grandma who hadn't seen her grandchild for 20 years. It lit up the room says Dr Julia Malkin from Leicester on receiving her MBE in 2011.

35. I met the Queen when I was an acting student. After the performance she asked me how long the play was going to run, I spluttered out "Two years... I mean months... weeks!" She looked at me as if I were completely deranged, smiled and passed graciously on. Hayward Morse, England and Canada


image copyrightCynthia Fraser
image captionI wanted to give her something she might not discard. I brought a few historic coins from America, so I gave her one of those. She was very gracious. Cynthia Fraser, Baltimore, US

37. Her Majesty visited Delhi and inaugurated a 14ft high ceramic mural I designed. I spoke to her at length. My encounter was recorded in a video, which, at the time, I could not afford to buy. Sumita Sinha, London, England

38. We all got a big smile from the Queen when she visited Maltby Comprehensive School in 1977 during the Silver Jubilee tour. Barry Porteus, Doncaster, England

39. Can you lie to a Queen? Paul Harman from St Albans faced that dilemma: "The Queen asked me if the rose I had given her came from my garden. It hadn't - someone in the crowd had given it to me to pass to her. Can I lie to the Queen and say yes? Because otherwise I'd have to admit I hadn't brought anything to give her!"


image copyrightWendy Rowland
image captionWhen my mother was ill and dying of cancer, HM made a point of making an extra special effort to come over to speak to her everywhere we went. Sheila Clark from Glasgow (pictured) has met the Queen on many occasions.

41. Elisa Boccara comments on Facebook that she saw the Queen driving around in the grounds in Windsor, she added "I did not meet her as such but still it was cool".

42. I had the honour of seeing the Queen up close during the parade when she visited Bromley High Street in Kent. It was a surreal moment seeing her in reality rather than on a TV screen. Rebecca East, Bromley, England

43. Jessica Ferris's dad wrote about their meeting with the Queen. Jessica and her sister started wailing in stereo just as the Queen walked past on a visit to Portsmouth. The Queen gave a look and a sympathetic smile that only a mother can give.


image copyrightEva Maliskova
image captionOn a visit to eastern Slovakia the Queen was given a white water rafting paddle and allowed to start an ice hockey game by throwing a puck onto the ice. Eva Maliskova from Levoca in Slovakia met the Queen during her visit and took this photo.

45. I was in the Cubs in Shetland when she came to visit. I really wanted to speak to her so we had a conversation about my friend's dad's hang-gliding accident. She was incredibly polite and listened to the story. Neil Ruddiforth, Balmedie, Scotland

46. I had no idea where England was, or who Elizabeth was. But I figured that the beautiful lady I saw for a few fleeting moments in a cavalcade in Kolkata must be the one who everybody was waiting to see. Basistha Basu, Kolkata, India

47. Roger Davey met the Queen in Adelaide, Australia said "After meeting her I wanted to explore beyond the very remote sheep ranch that had been my life up to that point."


image copyrightAnne Marie McPartland
image captionAs I went down a street I noticed bank employees looking out the windows on different floors. I asked someone standing in the street what was going on. I remember so clearly they said it was probably some minor royal coming. A few moments later the "minor royal" pulled up in a car. Anne Marie McPartland, New York, US

49. I welcomed the Queen to a state banquet in 1995 hosted by President Nelson Mandela at The Cape Sun Intercontinental Hotel in Cape Town where I was managing director. Harry Murray, Bath, England

50. Annette Holden said on Facebook that she had met the Royal Family on many occasions: "In the mid to late 1970s my parents ran the King's Head in Great Bircham, near Sandringham. There was a Lodge on our grounds they used for shooting parties."

51. We were out on my great aunt's front yard when the Queen and Prince Philip drove past. She waved, we waved, it was all very exciting. Sheree Adams, Austin, Texas, US


image copyrightJulie Rathbone
image captionI said to Her Majesty "Welcome to Birmingham" and she said "Thank you". I almost wanted to lick the back of her head to see if she tasted like a stamp. Julie Rathbone, Birmingham, England

53. On the anniversary of the Falklands War Her Majesty visited Pangbourne College where I was a student as it holds the memorial chapel. She came up and asked about our military uniforms. Calum Steele, Oxford, England

54. While we were waiting to meet the Queen, a plain-clothed policewoman, presumably trying to entertain me while we were waiting, showed me her gun in her bag. I was terrified. But I do remember my brother gave her some flowers and she said "thank you young man". Emma Heron, Bristol, England

55. The Queen came to our school's quarter centenary in 1984. At the time I was the editor of the "Alternative" which was the school's magazine. She asked: "Is it scandalous?" Simon Clark, near Cambridge, England


image copyrightCaroline Levy
image captionSophie Levy (holding the blanket) met the Queen in November 2014 in Berkshire, England. It was her first royal appointment as one of three Lord Lieutenants cadets.

57. I met the Queen during her state visit Hull in 2008. I was part of the "Royal Guard" presented by Hull Trinity House School, as a member of the school. Sam Piercy, Hull, England

58. When the Queen was introduced to me she responded "Oh we have a Commonwealth Association of Architects too?" Tony Godwin former executive director for the Commonwealth Association of Architects.


image copyrightMark Haldane
image captionMark Haldane wasn't able to meet the Queen but he did see her arrive to open the Technology and Innovation Centre at the University of Strathclyde in July 2015.

60. I was chosen to be the staff representative in the Letters to the Future project, where 800 people wrote letters to be opened on the 900th anniversary, it was part of the Queen's visit to the University of Cambridge's 800th year celebrations. Rebecca Holmes, Cambridge, England

61. I remember how exciting it was to see her close up. I have had a countdown to her becoming the longest-reigning British monarch on my phone. Suzie Rishworth, Hampshire, England


image copyrightAnna Murphy
image captionPatrick and Sarah Collins show the Queen their First Touch Garden at the Chelsea Flower Show in 2013. First Touch is the charity for the neonatal unit at St George's Hospital, London, England.

63. And finally... Carol Boyd hasn't met the Queen yet but she's hopeful: "I'm hoping to see her open the Borders Railway on 9th September (when she becomes the longest reigning British monarch)." Watch this space!

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