'Radicalised' schoolgirl must leave family home - judge

The Royal Courts of Justice in London

A schoolgirl was "radicalised" when her family exposed her to propaganda by the Islamic State group and must be removed from their home, the High Court says.

The 16-year-old's "deceitful" parents showed her images of beheadings, and material on bomb-making and how jihadists could hide their identity.

The family's passports have been passed to the Metropolitan Police.

The judge compared the damage done to the girl from east London to that experienced in sex abuse cases.

He said she was one of a number of cases involving young girls from the same area "captured and seduced" by the belief that becoming "jihadi brides [in Syria] is a somewhat radical and honourable path for them and their families".

'Sophisticated dishonesty'

The court heard how the schoolgirl - who can only be referred to as B - was removed from a flight to Turkey last December and made a ward of court.

Her parents promised to stop her and her siblings accessing online terror-related propaganda but the judge said a police search of the family home last June revealed "a plethora of electronic devices".

The girl asked to remain in the family home, even if that meant being tagged.

However, the judge said of B: "I can see no way in which her psychological, emotional and intellectual integrity can be protected by her remaining in this household.

"The farrago of sophisticated dishonesty of the parents makes this entirely unsustainable."

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