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Baby names: Amelia and Oliver top England and Wales list

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Oliver and Amelia were the most popular baby names in England and Wales in 2014 for the second year running.

Data from the Office for National Statistics shows that 6,649 baby boys were named Oliver, while 5,327 girls were called Amelia.

Jack, Harry and Jacob were the runners-up among the most popular boys' names, and Olivia, Isla and Emily for girls.

Characters from TV show Game Of Thrones have been inspiring some parents, with babies named Arya, Khaleesi and Tyrion.

Oliver topped the boys' table in Wales and seven of the nine English regions, with Muhammad heading the London list.

New entrants to the top 100 included Robyn, Nancy and Lottie for girls and Jackson, Joey and Ellis for boys.

What's in a name?

Born in 2014


Olivers - most popular boys name


Amelias - most popular girls name

  • "Mohammed" and common variations of in top 100: 7,240

  • Chart places "Harper" has moved up in a decade: 3,636

  • Number of Xerxes born in 2014: 3

For boys, Dexter has seen the largest increase in popularity over the past decade, and Kian had the biggest jump since last year.

Harper, the name David and Victoria Beckham chose for their daughter in 2011, has seen the largest rise in the girls' list. The name was 89th most popular in 2014 (up 3,636 places since 2004).

The top 10 baby girls' names were:

  • Amelia
  • Olivia
  • Isla
  • Emily
  • Poppy
  • Ava
  • Isabella
  • Jessica
  • Lily
  • Sophie

The leading boys' names were:

  • Oliver
  • Jack
  • Harry
  • Jacob
  • Charlie
  • Thomas
  • George
  • Oscar
  • James
  • William

Can you name your child anything?

  • Laws on registering births in England and Wales do not include rules on what names can and cannot be used
  • The General Register Office advises registrars that names "should consist of a sequence of letters" and should not be "offensive"
  • If registrars have "concerns" over a name they should "point out the problems the child may face" and ask the parents to reconsider
  • The only restriction on the length of names is that they must fit "in the space provided on the registration page"

US hit TV series Game of Thrones has also had an impact on baby names, with 244 babies being named Arya last year and 53 named Khaleesi after leading character "Khaleesi" (queen) Daenerys Targaryen.

The show's male characters were less influential, with 18 babies named after Theon Greyjoy and 17 after Tyrion Lannister.

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image captionParents of 17 baby boys named their child Tyrion last year

Isla, the first name of popular Hollywood actress Isla Fisher, came third in the list of top girls' names. This is up from 311 babies in 2004, to 4,021 in 2014.

Spelling variations of the same name are counted separately in the data from the ONS. When considering name variations in the top 100, the Muslim name Mohammed totals 7,240, compared with the top boys' name Oliver at 6,649.

Emily and Jack topped baby name tables in both Scotland and Northern Ireland earlier this year.

media captionWhen one couple couldn't decide on a name for their daughter in 1986, they had her christened with 140

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