In pictures: UK's hottest July day on record


Wednesday saw the highest temperature for a July day recorded in the UK, with the thermometer hitting 36.7C (98F) at Heathrow airport.

Delays have been experienced on the railways with speed restrictions in place amid fears tracks could buckle in the heat.

But there have been plenty of ways for people to enjoy the sunshine in safety.

Temperatures are expected to drop to 25C (77F) on Thursday, with the possibility of thunderstorms.

Image source, PA
Image caption, At Wimbledon, Australian spectators showed how to cope with the heat
Image source, PA
Image caption, In the ticket queue at Wimbledon, other spectators prepared themselves for a day in the sun
Image source, Reuters
Image caption, In Blackpool, the only way to keep cool was to dive right in
Image source, PA
Image caption, Reindeer in Seaham County Durham were hosed down to help them cope with the heat
Image source, Getty Images
Image caption, The Duchess of Cornwall used a parasol to keep the sun at bay at Hampton Court Flower Show
Image caption, At the Norfolk Show, hats were the order of the day
Image caption, Ice cream was another popular way of cooling down at the showground near Norwich
Image source, Sydney Salter
Image caption, Sydney Salter's dogs, Max and Sam, found it too hot to do anything strenuous
Image source, PA
Image caption, While a chimpanzee at Chester Zoo cooled down with an ice lolly
Image source, Lorraine Taylor
Image caption, Flash, from West Bridgford, near Nottingham, is staying cool with a horse-sized paddling pool

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