Five appear in court on Syria-related terror charges

Kerry Thomason (left) and Lorna Moore Image copyright PA
Image caption Kerry Thomason (left) and Lorna Moore were released on bail

Two men and three women accused of Syria-related terror offences have appeared in court.

They face charges including preparing to travel to Syria to engage in terrorism and helping others to travel.

The five, all from Walsall in the West Midlands, appeared at Westminster Magistrates' Court in London.

Alex Nash, 21, his wife Yousma Jan, 20, and Ayman Shaukat, 27, were remanded in custody. Lorna Moore, 33, and Kerry Thomason, 23, were bailed.

The case has been sent to the Old Bailey, where all five defendants are due to next appear on 26 June.

Ms Moore and Ms Jan pleaded not guilty. The others were not required to enter a formal plea.


Ms Moore of Glebe Street, and Ms Thomason, of an undisclosed address, were detained in February.

Mr Nash, and his wife Yousma Jan, of Bentley Road, and Mr Shaukat, of Pargetter Street, were arrested on 9 June.

It is alleged that on and before 4 November last year, Mr Nash committed acts in preparation of travelling to Syria to engage in terrorism.

His wife, Ms Jan, is charged with failing to disclose information about her husband's activities.

Mr Shaukat is accused of assisting Sajid Aslam - who is believed to be fighting for Islamic State (IS) in Syria - to commit acts of terrorism, on and before 29 October last year.

He also faces a similar offence with regard to Mr Nash, on or before 19 November last year.

Mr Shaukat is further charged with possession of a terrorist document.

Ms Moore, who is married to Sajid Aslam, is accused of failing to disclose information about her husband's planned travel to the conflict zone.

Ms Thomason is charged with assisting her husband, Isaiah Siadatan to travel to Syria to engage in suspected terrorism. He is also believed to have joined IS with Mr Aslam.

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