Prince Harry on reconnaissance flight in Australia

image source, CPL Oliver Carter
image captionAll pictures supplied by Commonwealth of Australia and the Department of Defence

Prince Harry has taken to the skies during his first two weeks with the Australian Defence Force.

Captain Wales, as he has become known, flew in an armed reconnaissance helicopter (ARH) Tiger, one of the most advanced in the world.

The prince has also met Aboriginal elders, camped in the outback and been challenged to a game of wheelchair Australian Football League (AFL).

Harry is halfway through his four-week secondment with Australia's military.

Survival lessons

The prince has said he is looking forward to a "new chapter" in his life after it was announced in March that he will be ending his 10-year UK military career in June.

He took up a staff officer role with the Army last year and has served twice in Afghanistan.

image source, CPL Oliver Carter

His Australia trip will continue after Gallipoli commemorations in Turkey, when he will return to Australia to spend time with Australian Army units in Perth and Sydney.

The first two weeks of his secondment have been spent in the Australian Army with the North-West Mobile Force (Norforce) and the 1st Brigade.

Harry had flight simulation training, before heading out with members of the 1st Aviation Regiment on an ARH Tiger reconnaissance flight from Robertson Barracks, Darwin.

image source, CPL Oliver Carter

While on duty with Norforce, he met elders and children of the Wuggubun community in the Kununurra region of Western Australia, around 470km (292 miles) south-west of Darwin.

He also trained in bush survival lessons, including how to source food and water and was briefed on Norforce's operations.

After receiving his orders, Captain Wales headed out on patrol spending two nights camping in the remote Kununurra region.

image source, CPL Oliver Carter

After meeting with some of the Australian Army's wounded, injured and ill members, Harry joined in a game of wheelchair AFL.

He played with soldiers from the Soldier Recovery Centre and the 1st Brigade.

Whilst with the 1st Brigade, Harry has also joined the physical training sessions and field exercise preparation as part of exercise thunder observer.

image source, CPL Oliver Carter

The exercise is part of the joint fire team training, soon to be conducted by the 1st Brigade's 8th/12th Medium Regiment, Royal Australian Artillery.

Designed to maintain combat readiness, the exercise will include a live fire collaboration between ground and air assets.

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