Former DJ Ray Teret jailed for rapes and indecent assaults

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Former radio DJ Ray Teret has been jailed for 25 years for a series of rapes and indecent assaults on girls as young as 12.

Teret, 73, a friend of Jimmy Savile, was last week convicted of seven counts of rape and 11 counts of indecent assault during the 1960s and 1970s.

Police revealed four further women have said they were abused by the ex-Radio Caroline DJ in the wake of the trial.

Greater Manchester Police are investigating the claims.

Teret - known as Ugly Ray - was mentored by Savile in the early days of his career. His trial was told he followed Savile "around like a shadow".

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Media captionCathy Hymas: "I needed to see justice done"

Teret, from Altrincham, was told by Mr Justice Baker that the 25-year sentence means he will likely spend the rest of his life in jail.

The judge said he had "exploited" his "celebrity status" as a popular DJ to abuse young girls.

Mr Justice Baker added: "Those who were raped had little or no understanding what was happening to them and felt they could do little to prevent the abuse taking place."

'Sexual gratification'

The judge said the abuse had led to some victims committing self-harm or needing psychiatric and medical treatment. Many had problems forming relationships with partners or their own children, he added.

Teret commonly selected young girls who were both "physically and emotionally immature," the judge said.

"All the girls were used for your own sexual gratification," he added.

Judith Moritz at Minshull Street Crown Court

Many of the women who were abused by Ray Teret when they were schoolgirls in the 1960s and 70s were in the public gallery to watch as he was sentenced, and they couldn't contain their delight.

They cheered, they clapped, and as he was taken down to the cells from the glass-walled dock, some of them shouted "monster".

Ray Teret showed no reaction to that.

Mr Justice Baker also said the lack of sex education at the time helped Teret abuse the girls.

The judge said: "Anyone who considers that society was a better place then than now to be a child would do well to reflect upon the evidence that this trial disclosed about that period - when sex education, to the extent that it was taught, was rudimentary and sexual matters in general were little discussed within the home.

"That state of ignorance was one of the main facilitators of your ability to exploit these young girls. None of whom, with the exception of two whose vulnerability was enhanced by having previously been sexually abused by others, had any prior sexual experience."

During the trial, Teret told jurors he had no interest in underage girls.

But the court heard he had a previous conviction for sexual intercourse with a 15-year-old girl in 1999.

Prosecutors also said he had "consistently pursued" young teenage girls.

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Image caption He "cast a dark shadow" over his victims' lives, police said
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Image caption Teret worked at various radio stations including Radio Caroline and Piccadilly Radio

He was convicted of a number of charges, but also cleared of various other sexual offences.

Among the charges he was cleared of was a claim he aided and abetted Savile to rape a 15-year-old girl in the early 1960s.

Teret was found guilty of raping the complainant himself.

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Media captionDet Ch Insp Graham Brock: "I think we're all very pleased with the verdict, especially on behalf of the victims"

After the sentencing Detective Chief Inspector Graham Brock said: "After decades of hiding behind the veneer of being a distinguished radio presenter, Ray Teret has finally been exposed as the manipulative and dangerous sexual predator that he is."

He said Teret's crimes had "cast a dark shadow" over his victims' lives.

He added: "I know from speaking to them personally how devastating the effects of his abuse have been. They have courageously relived their ordeal at court and should be applauded for having the bravery to speak out and bring this man to justice for his appalling crimes.

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