Prince William trying to set boundaries for family life

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge with Prince George Image copyright AFP

Not for the first time, this is Prince William attempting to define what constitutes his family's private life as he struggles - in the face of intense global media interest - to carve out as near as normal an existence as he can for his toddler son, who will one day be king.

In doing so, he's picked a very public fight with a photographer, Niraj Tanna, who is keen and determined to stand his ground.

Mr Tanna's defence is that he's entitled to take pictures in a public park and he hasn't followed, harassed or intimidated either George or his nanny.

William's next step could be court action.

In recent years, royals and court cases have proved to be uncomfortable bedfellows.

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Media captionLawyers for the photographer Niraj Tanna have issued a seven-page letter contesting the claims