Selfie Day: Who do you think you are?

Many in the UK are feeling less connected to the country but closer to others in their neighbourhood and across the world, according to a survey for the BBC's Who Do We Think We Are? project.

We asked people to explore what makes up their own identities by posting selfies online and emailing them to us. Below is a sample of those images.

Image copyright Andrew Reid Wildman

Andrew Reid Wildman: "This is my selfie about identity. I took it in Hull where I was born and from where I feel exiled."

Image copyright Neil Shah / Scott Walker

Left: Neil Shah: "I do love exploring my cultural identity in London - a city where you really can be who you want to be through the anonymity of the crowd." Right: Scott Walker took a group selfie with members of his aerobic dance class in Addlestone.

Image copyright Sonia Aldeaga / Owen H

Left: Sonia Aldeaga identifies herself as "a tree lover!" Right: Owen H: "First-time dad to be. This sums up my excitement, (bought a book), yet anxiousness at same time!"

Image copyright Janet Leslie / Colin Haynes

Left: Janet Leslie identifies herself as a parrot enthusiast. Right: Colin Haynes sent in his selfie "upside down over RAF Cosford doing the the thing I love".

Image copyright Tom Fooks-Bale

Tom Fooks-Bale sees family as an important part of his identity - he posed for this selfie with his 90-year-old grandmother.

Image copyright Bill Gribble

Bill Gribble: "I can't decide whether the biggest part of my identity is defined through my dogs or my sailing. So two selfies."

Image copyright Sarfraz Manzoor

Journalist Sarfraz Manzoor found his identity on the cover of the Guardian's G2 magazine.

Image copyright Irfan Qureshi / Jim Franklin

Left: Irfan Qureshi took a primate selfie. "The occasional beautifully human moments are memorable," he added. Right: Dairy farmer Jim Franklin posed for his selfie with one of his cows.

Image copyright Alexis /

Left: Alexis: "This selfie embodies my free spirit. Man may be mortal but nature's gifts are timeless. This landscape is one of my favourite places on Earth: The Brecon Beacons, South Wales." Right: "This is my rubbery face and it reflects my crazy outgoing personality," writes Tina Pheasant.

Image copyright Ben Blake / Paul Ilett

Left: Ben Blake an avid reader and author took his selfie in front of one of his bookcases. "As usual it's overflowing because my library always expands faster than the space I have for it". Right: Paul Ilett posed for his selfie with a Cyberman, adding "I'm a big fan of Doctor Who!"

Image copyright John Wilkes / Dr Simon Jones

Left: John Wilkes took his selfie using his reflection on a motorbike. Right: Dr Simon Jones: "I walk to work every day, so a good hat and coat are important! Thing is, I have rather begun to enjoy the reputation of eccentricity in a university environment".

Image copyright Sue Crowe

Sue Crowe: "The loves of my life, music and the fur babies."

Image copyright Roy Cope

Roy Cope writes: "What's all the fuss about selfies? I was doing it in the fifties. New selfie as requested sans hair. Where did the years go?"

You can share your selfies with us by posting them to Twitter using #selfieday, use the BBC upload form, or email us at and don't forget to tell us what aspect of your identity the picture is illustrating.

Produced by Jonathan Griffin.

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